20th Anniversary

finally I have time to blog
finally we finished the 20th anniversary video
finally the 20th anniversary gala dinner is over

over the past few weeks, kx (mostly) and me have been busy with the 20th anniversary video.
mr lim and mrs lee say must sleep 6 hours a day, not miss lessons, but still finish the video w/o neglecting pw and chinese.
i say that even w/o the video, we would not even sleep 6 hours per day if want to finish other work. it’s never possible in JC. =p

anyway kx spent a lot of time on the video, much more than me in fact. much more. he skipped lots of stuff, worked on it every weekday especially for the last few weeks. as for me, I probably did the initial work, plus checking on him now and then especially when I was busy with open house, and then I have chinese while he doesn’t. I did some editing as the final deadline drew by. I must thank him for sacrificing so much of his time, despite putting a sub-standard work at first.

the first time mrs lee saw it (before promos), there was many many gaps. but she say at least she got the idea of what’s going on.
the second time mrs lee saw, kx put in a lot of pictures. but it was very rough work and the pictures were sloppily selected. partly due to lack of time/planning/co-ordination. and I was not poking into the project as I was preparing for open house the week after the promos while I left kx to do the 20av.

[when can i have time to continue this entry?]


someone’s telling me:

i seriously hate your school’s IP PROGRAMME
u made our closest friends leave us, especially at the most crucial moment
You made that special bond break

urm well friends can’t be together all the time, c’est la vie (that’s life in french), friends part and meet again, besides vjc and vs are so near =p

6th work day

talk abt 5 day work week. i just worked 6 full days and working another. sigh today just felt like any other sch day….i came to school as usual and reached home at 7pm.

2 things happened today: The Leadership Training Project Management Workshop and the University Panel Discussion/Talk.

LT Workshop

The LT Workshop was quite fun. Other learning some basic theory stuff, we played a game to prevent an egg from cracking when dropped from 2nd floor to 1st. it was quite interesting. they make it very real-world. you are given $1000 virtual dollars. use the money to buy straws, newspaper, chopsticks, rafia string, masking tape. each item cost a different amt per quantity. cost savings are taken into account as extra points. 2 grps made some parachute-like thing, others have other ideas like wrapping etc.

ours was parachute-kind but it didn’t end in the landing zone. not counted so have to try again. the other parachute team won. we lost cos we decided to take out the parachute in attempt to land on the landing zone properly. thus the egg broke upon landing

I also had some fruitful discussion with 4 other cca heads from some clubs. it was about a media thing in vjc comprising print, online and TV. hmmmm

University Panel Discussion
the attendance for panel discussion was quite poor. lots of empty seats. the talk was pretty boring. waste my time standing there and filming (some teacher requested it to be online by wed) while kx pon-ned the workshop AND the talk (my friend called him the pon-star !lol), to do the 20av. a lot of people were doing their own things. reading books, newspapers, talking, listening to music and even playing chess lol. the Q&A session was exceptionally long.

The SMU person refered to us as VJCians. gr !mad

was quite funny also. the emcee announced that refreshments for everyone then suddenly all the students hyped up. then later she said she announced wrongly. for guests only. then orhhhh. then later she said, oh parents are invited also. haha.

then everyone grumbled to have to bring chairs back.

hmm Mrs Wee said she read my blog. Cos I was saying that our lives are so busy that no time to do a lot of things.

weird results

promos is ACDO, overall is ABDE
GP = 58 = B4?

mrs koh said i’m a consistent quiet worker…really? i didn’t really do much for GP except reading the file the day before…maybe consistently reading newspapers helps. But I haven’t read a book/novel for ages. Plus, I didn’t read much of kaleidoscope.

computing was fun and rewarding
economics is quite ok, didn’t expect too much yet I knew it would be my 2nd best for myself
maths is aiya like that means like that.
physics is hopeless, for now.

There was students’ morale survey this morning. It asked about how do we feel studying in VJC, is it conducive etc. Also asked abt the effectiveness of student leaders. One qn was: Does curriculum allows you to study at your own pace? Of course not!

Friday we had the last official assembly of the year. haha. some sc girl started spelling cheer after the anthem. it was quite pathetic, only a few people around her cheered with her. even the yo vjc had low response. probably everyone had no mood.

next week is going to be purrely chinese+pw week.

random thoughts

i seem to be busier than ever, so busy that I didn’t blog as much as compared to exam period! i’m more stressed than exam period definitely, and the feeling is just different. haiz sigh but somehow this stress is more related to more fun stuff =p

sunday night was spent rushing pw report, managed to print and bind nicely by 9.30am did some other eval and some other stuff (not really sure what) and before I knew it, it was 2.30am. ack! late! very late. couldn’t wake up this morning.

today was feeling grouchy and the whole day seems like a wasted day. went to school and only got back ONE physics paper and I failed it. yay! but I got an E for overall, luckily. God is good. and anyway I remained a D for my maths. waste my time to go to school and didn’t get back any paper, felt cheated. i need to rush my computing promo! And then suddenly there’s just so much chinese stuff to do. and with icomp and pw and other stuff cropping up, it seems that probably exam period was freer eh? different kind of stress I guess. clever kx spent the day doing 20av instead, almost like how he was studyin before the promos. I’m so touched. !wink

was going home after tidying up a bit of L26. mrs chan coming tmr to view the 20av. passing by the concourse’s piano on the new mini-stage when I decided to stop and play a tune. started playing “take all of me”. wx was nearby doing his work on his laptop. then after a while, david came along and said he was wondering who else would be playing “take all of me”. and so he joined me and I decided to play longer. we played and played many songs, just kept on going, from that to a string of 1-5-6-4 songs such as “Jesus Lover of My Soul”, “Here I Am To Worship”, “Call”, “Rain Down”, “All I Want Is You”, “Majesty” and then “To the ends of the earth”, “You are my world”, “Highest”. It was fun, a form of de-stress, a form of worship. It lasted for abt 50 minutes. hah. it was nice to have a duet accompaniment, although it was just a simple spontaneous impromptu thing.

mr morgan says he doesn’t wished that his name to be mentioned here. oops I just did. !lol

oh well don’t have time to write what happened the last week…so here are some placeholders.

i found a sls shop that allows credit payment for schools today….lol they even paste invoices of the different schools they dealed with on their walls

open house

hmm VS gave all sec 4 students a waterbottle with *everyone’s* names printed on it as a graduation souvenir

farewell assembly
overfuss of the hall projector


VJC Open House is coming soon on Saturday

I’m so bz (thanks to teemie!) that I havn’t blogged since the last promo paper…while i blogged a lot during studying periods…
I always find ways to not study during studying for promos, e.g. watching TV, eating, surfing net, reading newspaper…
then my mum now ask how come exam finish I never watch TV, never read newspaper? !lol

well anyway, last saturday night went on a fairwind dinner cruise to the southern islands and back…quite cool, nice breeze, nice views. but the food wasn’t worth the buck. so expanesive…$36 for the ride plus some simple nothing-spectacular food….

hah chris d went to Hillsong United Live Album Recording and he said it’s the most energetic service he ever attended! 😮 wished I could be there…lucky rich kid…

been trying to relax the past few days in the midst of business…watched RE1 before watching RE2 today…hmm…looks like there’ll be a RE3…


God has given me…

Comfort. In trial or sorrow, the “God of all comfort . . . comforts us in all our tribulation” (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).

Wisdom. We need wisdom beyond our own for making decisions. “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, . . . and it will be given to him” (James 1:5).

Strength. When we’re weary, “the Lord will give strength to His people” (Psalm 29:11). Especially so during exam periods.

Purpose. We are to give all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength to following Jesus. “Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me” (Mark 8:34).

Abundant Life. The fullest life is found in a relationship with Jesus. “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).

Salvation. Jesus is the only way to have forgiveness of sin and the promise of heaven. “Whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16).