[SVA Day 1] Police Adventure!

Today was day 1 of filming for the School Video Awards (SVA)
We were at Nicholas house filming the indoor shots, then after that sangita’s dad fetched us to the airport perimeter to film some shots of airplanes taking off as part of the short film. Her dad dropped us off while he went to turn some rounds before coming back to pick us.

we were at the fence, so I place the camera on the fence with the lens going through the gaps, to catch the planes taking off.

Sangita decided that we should walk further where the planes fly past so that we can take them flying overhead. wow that’s VERY FAR from where we were initially and I insisted that we shouldn’t. But anyway, as we were walking, a police car from passed by in the road beside the runway inside the fence. He went past us, and we thought: oh no, is he going to come back and stop us? (I have the videocam in my hand while sangita is holding the tripod) little did we know what’s going to happen next – our little adventure with the police!

The police car came back and the policeman waved to stop us. He asked us what we were doing, we replied and said we were not supposed to do that. Nadia and I passed him our IDs and Sangita wrote down her name cos her ID was in the car. So we waited while he typed some stuff in the cool computer console in the police car, and asked us to hold on a while, while he contacted his superior.

And then, sangita’s dad came back and saw us with the policeman. So the policeman asked the dad to pull over at an opening up ahead where there is a closed secured gate into the runway. we all alighted and he asked us to wait and told us that there will be his colleagues coming to check the thing. He asked me to show him what we have took, so I gladly showed him the (lousy?) shots.

All along, I was thinking…光明正大的,没做错事。 Nadia seemed very worried while Sangita was like…oh my…Her dad was quite calm and kept trying to explain that it was a school project.

And then, two more police cars came. Wow…suddenly so many officers amongst our midst. They check with the first policeman and they keyed some stuff and wrote some stuff and called some people. After some waiting and talking, they told us that they need the Senior Investigating Officer to check our tape. So we have to follow them to the Bedok NPC at the Bedok Police Division HQ. So they took the camera with the tape in their police car, while we got handcuffed and …joking la! We went into Sangita’s dad’s car and followed behind.

All along the police were kind, cos I think they sort of understand that we are harmless, while they are just doing their job, due to the increased security of the post-911 events and blah blah, so they apologised for the inconvenience.

At the police station, after waiting for the few policemen to fill up a form to say that they took our camera (oh no are they going to keep it for a few days? that’d hinder our filming), We went into the Senior Investigating Officer’s room (beside there was an Asst and one with just Investigating Officer) he asked who was the leader and questioned Sangita while we waited outside. Sangita told him everything and they wrote a statement/report. After that I played back the tape to him while he was writing the report to return us the camera. He said: “Wah, got sunset some more. quite nice eh? Good luck in your competition.” 🙂

After the whole ordeal, it was 2 hours past since when we first met the first police offier. wow what an experience…haiz.

iCOMP Exco Meeting, OGL Meeting, ProjectVisual

Tuesday…the first day of the third week of school holidays…

Had iCOMP Exco Meeting over lunch with mr. gi…apparently the pizza hut at parkway closed operations and shifted elsewhere, so we decided to have a buffet lunch at Parkway Thai restaurant opposite the pizza hut…cost $17+++ per person. it was good, mr gi said we all must have five rounds !lol haha shafeeq only ate one plate, had a lot of leftovers, and said he was full. so he only tried to eat a bit more with dessert…victor had a lot, and so did I and some of the rest.

After that had a short sterling meeting with Mr. Boy, Mr. Chad Goh, Evelynn from S17 and mx and vic, discussed abit about the engineering in sports thing.

thereafter had OGL initiation at LT1…it was a briefing about what’s up for us…there were quite a lot, almost 140 odd people who are OGLs. After some admin stuff and brief introduction on next year’s theme, it came to the time when we were supposed to choose our OGs! There were eight, theme was Vollywood and the OGs were named after movies. At first, I had thoughts of joining Star Wars since that is the only movie and am familiar with as compared to rest.

Sometimes I feel so lonely? isolated? !confused cos everyone seemed to be discussing with their good friends where they going, which group to go, and they went to put their names on the forms together. as for me, no one approached me :(, no one came to me, I just casually asked some people, and I went to the star wars paper and see no names there. So I decided to hesitate first, walked around, asked a few people like vic, whom got dragged in by zhan and arts gang, and in the end I ended up putting my name in star wars because I thought that’s the only one which I will be most familiar…without knowing anyone else I know who would be in the group. what if…what if I don’t know anyone there, or I don’t fit in, or…?

come to think of it, maybe I should just join some other thing other than star wars and watch the movie somehow later. but nevermind, think there should be some people I know, or the most make new friends, and isn’t that what being an OGL is for? =p !wink


Wednesday was ProjectVisual packing day. Was in VS at 10+ to meet renfu, yaw vwee left for his OCIP, while hong xuan came later. We started with some short discussion, before shorting out some books, conuting their values and numbers, and arrange them by pri sch, sec sch, stationery, misc, and tentative/or deemed irrelevant. after lunch at some restaurant at Laguna Park which sells nice Beef Noodles at $5.50++ with $0.30 tissue paper and $0.30 iced water, and after amazingly stared at the bus stop which had one glass panel holding one of the notice boards shattered into pieces (wished I had a camera, it was pretty cool and the glass was really in pieces! there was no intact transparent piece), we moved some CD-ROMs from the VS library. after sorting out more books, we sort out the different CD-ROMs into different subjects and took out those chinese/NE/irrelevant ones. there were SO many CD-ROMs that the library condemned, and many which we, and not just we, I’m sure many other students and teachers, didn’t know existed. Some were so new that seemed untouched/unused, while some were dusty. there were many full versions of softwares like encarta 99, pagemaker, corel draw 8 etc. etc. many other nice albeit older versions of softwares…I think we can start a CD-ROM Library! It seems that MOE too much money, inject so much into buying stuff for IT masterplan when we don’t even have time to make full use for such treasures…haiz…

Come to think of it, on one hand, many people are buying lots of things and throwing away lots of things…there was one book publisher who had a warehouse sale (which we got some stuff from), and I heard the leftovers were thrown/recycled; while on the other hand, many people don’t even have the luxuries to have access to such books, much less have ability to buy them…

Laze…..PW, OGL, LJ, PV, ….

Been lagging in posting blogs…so briefly…

ok pw’s over finally…since nov 10 that is. Oral P was ok, the questions were funny, good, bad. mine was okay, at least my answer was alright. sara’s one was funny…say that people compare handphones, but don’t purposely take out schoolbags to compare? haha !lol

After Oral P, we did our GPF, before I had OGL interview by mx, yongsheng and another sc girl. I was the last person and most of the other interviewers left. they asked the usual questions but some weird ones. Do you believe in fate? What if you end up with a screwed up OG which has all the ‘dao’ people etc.? …Why is the sky blue? Because God made it so. Oh scientifically, because the atmosphere split the sun’s white light blah blah….then because the sea is blue….because it’s not red? because it is so. Then they had some props, tables, chairs, a pole, a hoop and asked me to use them to express myself. And so, I thought of what to do…thought of the next year’s theme, and then did a some lame yoda thing: took the stick, said the yoda’s phrase “fear is the path to the dark side…….do not fear VJC orientation. have fun in the games…blah blah…if you are scared, use your lightsaber and hit them” (and I used the pole and hit the table) !lol 😮 It was funny…mx said I did well, and was great that I thought of that on the spot.

nov 10 is an interesting day, after piling our GPF and handing them up, my class went for a CIP / Learning Journey at East Coast Park…CIP by picking up litter, LJ by educating people about beach conversation by giving them a simple self-designed flyer and talk to them. aha. we walked from VJC to the food centre and had lunch there. It was a good class gathering after so long, and mrs koh bought satay for us.
After the CIP/LJ, went to VS for projectvisual meeting to discuss about the upcoming laos trip…after that had dinner treat by khooky at fish & co. it was good.

nov 11 was deepavali. went to church for some bible study, thereafter went to aunt poon’s house for BBQ…hmm…

nov 12 is a friday…went to school early (again!) for iCOMP Exco Meeting. After that, went to east coast to cycle with kc, mf, jr, yt, yifei,…borrowed bike from SC…$1 per hour…cool eh. jr and yt skated while the rest and I cycled for 4 hours before it started to rain heavily.

Saturday was YM as usual.
While the_laptop’s programming training started.
OGL results were out and I’m one. But some people didn’t get in. Most of those expected people are in. But some people can’t get in due to results 🙁


Now finally my holdiays started… I had some “peace” to play some games…tried some interesting old and new ones…


and one of the TAs seem to be against blogs. he say that don’t anyhow say things later appear in some people’s blogs. urm well blogs are ours and we have our own right to post whatever we want to post, but obviously should have some etiquette and not post things which are too offensive.

just find FDU – food disposal unit funny.

Why am I not free at all even though it’s holidays?

my pw op today,

tmr GPF, n class CIP cum learning journeys,
friday icomp meeting, computing lesson,
plus tuesday OGL, icomp meeting,
plus i got SVA filming coming round the corner (missed some of the preparation meetings with my team),
plus i’m preparing for a overseas CIP project (projectvisual.org)

I’m not enjoying this!

As Seen In Friendster: Anti-PW

This is the profile of a friendster member (definitely not me of course! hence it’s not my view which as expressed as below):


Gender: Male
Interested in Meeting People for: Friends
Status: Single
Age: 19
Occupation: JC student
Location: Singapore
Hobbies and Interests: describing and analyzing, researching, evaluating.
Affiliations: all the other jcs in Singapore
Schools: school really sucks with project work
Favorite Music: PW kills any mood to listen to music
Favorite Books: PW examination booklets and whatever reference material provided
Favorite TV Shows: PW takes up time, how to watch tv?
Favorite Movies: PW takes up time, how to watch movies?
About Me: Project work is a project whereby JC1 students spend their already limited time on research and evaluation, just so to come out with a decent proposal and report to submit to the MOE of Singapore.

Its overemphasis on structure and rules to follow clearly contradict the ‘creative thinking’ motion the education system is working towards. Although detractors might argue that these skills are relevant in university and working life, JC students are simply busy enough, even in year 1, to cope with so much stuff. Imagine just staying up to complete minutes or reports which seem remotely useful to you and your future..and the worse thing is, this compulsory evil takes up a hefty 10% of you final A levels, which is not funny at all. Even if you initially had a huge interest in whatever topic you are doing, the whole energy sapping, rigid and boring process kills whatever interest you had in the first place. So what’s the point? The government might argue once again, in their stance on the principle of pragmatism, that useful measures, however unpopular, must be implemented. But ask yourself, how in the crap does project work ever help you? All these skills in project work are best learnt in real life and more practical projects, not in structured and rigid formats like this!! It is in the former, where students really get the chance to learn and enjoy their research, and not through a ‘forced’ system. Project work has also brought about the most evil side of many, causing people to hanker over their own contributions during meetings and discussions, so their supervising tutors know they are contributing a lot(hence, better grades)..PW has also taught us to fake minutes and any other documents, and when it comes to filling in the learning checklist, you cannot do anything else but write stereotypical, full proof, cliche & safe answers(so you would not get into trouble)like ‘I learnt a lot from…’, where in actual fact, you can’t wait to scribble ‘PW SUCKS’ on the paper.

Who I Want to Meet: If you think that project work is one of the most irritating and frustrating things that you have experienced throughout your entire education in Singapore, you are not alone. Don’t worry, 90% of JC students think the same, the other 10% are probably blind followers and hopeless muggers who lap up every bit and morsel the education system of Singapore throws at them, because apparently, they think it helps. And this probably consists of the group of students who came up with the idea of pw, or so I heard. You suck, and that’s sad.

MOE should realize one day that there is indeed a certain amount of crap a student can take, and pw has certainly exceeded it. Mr Tharman whatever should think before he approves of any other education policies. Any in any case, thinking involves the use of the brain, if you were unaware.

Why You Should Not Go To (V)JC

After one year in (V)JC…

why you should not go to (v)jc?
1. A wonderful LT(5) with gravity-attracting seats and tables, in which you will always feel as if you are sitting slightly tilting by a few degrees (in fact you ARE), and you’d get neck ache especially after 3 hours in an exam in the LT. Especially if you’re a triple science or a chem-bio student. Oh not to mention that there are 3 projectors in the same LT and all of them suck.

2. Fantastic computer labs in which the aircons never work and/or never at the correct temperature and/or never have remote controls around and/or never at the correct fan speed. worse is that the remote controls are kept somewhere in which few know where to obtain. oh some remote controls don’t even work! and thus, worse is that the labs don’t have fans (as compared to normal classrooms). welcome!

3. Heavy downpour and say Hi to water dripping down on the seat/floor in the LT

4. Not to mention that many people (especially girls) have dyed hair and never seemed to get noticed.

5. Comfortable mass lectures or performances in the performance theatre in which the leg space is so little that you’d probably get economy-class syndrome easily, probably worse than some airplanes! and imagine 3 hours sitting in that!

5. Feel free to comment and add on to the list……

maybe I’d have a “Why You Should Go To (V)JC” some other time…

Infocomm Seminar

Yesterday and today attended the seminar with kishore. learnt lots of bad presentation techniques for PW OP =p. they just stand there, stare at the slides and read in perfect accented english in a soft voice. pro eh?

most of the topics were boring, or the presenter boring, or too cheem. was trying to read some chinese too. some almost fell asleep.