Why You Should Not Go To (V)JC

After one year in (V)JC…

why you should not go to (v)jc?
1. A wonderful LT(5) with gravity-attracting seats and tables, in which you will always feel as if you are sitting slightly tilting by a few degrees (in fact you ARE), and you’d get neck ache especially after 3 hours in an exam in the LT. Especially if you’re a triple science or a chem-bio student. Oh not to mention that there are 3 projectors in the same LT and all of them suck.

2. Fantastic computer labs in which the aircons never work and/or never at the correct temperature and/or never have remote controls around and/or never at the correct fan speed. worse is that the remote controls are kept somewhere in which few know where to obtain. oh some remote controls don’t even work! and thus, worse is that the labs don’t have fans (as compared to normal classrooms). welcome!

3. Heavy downpour and say Hi to water dripping down on the seat/floor in the LT

4. Not to mention that many people (especially girls) have dyed hair and never seemed to get noticed.

5. Comfortable mass lectures or performances in the performance theatre in which the leg space is so little that you’d probably get economy-class syndrome easily, probably worse than some airplanes! and imagine 3 hours sitting in that!

5. Feel free to comment and add on to the list……

maybe I’d have a “Why You Should Go To (V)JC” some other time…