As Seen In Friendster: Anti-PW

This is the profile of a friendster member (definitely not me of course! hence it’s not my view which as expressed as below):


Gender: Male
Interested in Meeting People for: Friends
Status: Single
Age: 19
Occupation: JC student
Location: Singapore
Hobbies and Interests: describing and analyzing, researching, evaluating.
Affiliations: all the other jcs in Singapore
Schools: school really sucks with project work
Favorite Music: PW kills any mood to listen to music
Favorite Books: PW examination booklets and whatever reference material provided
Favorite TV Shows: PW takes up time, how to watch tv?
Favorite Movies: PW takes up time, how to watch movies?
About Me: Project work is a project whereby JC1 students spend their already limited time on research and evaluation, just so to come out with a decent proposal and report to submit to the MOE of Singapore.

Its overemphasis on structure and rules to follow clearly contradict the ‘creative thinking’ motion the education system is working towards. Although detractors might argue that these skills are relevant in university and working life, JC students are simply busy enough, even in year 1, to cope with so much stuff. Imagine just staying up to complete minutes or reports which seem remotely useful to you and your future..and the worse thing is, this compulsory evil takes up a hefty 10% of you final A levels, which is not funny at all. Even if you initially had a huge interest in whatever topic you are doing, the whole energy sapping, rigid and boring process kills whatever interest you had in the first place. So what’s the point? The government might argue once again, in their stance on the principle of pragmatism, that useful measures, however unpopular, must be implemented. But ask yourself, how in the crap does project work ever help you? All these skills in project work are best learnt in real life and more practical projects, not in structured and rigid formats like this!! It is in the former, where students really get the chance to learn and enjoy their research, and not through a ‘forced’ system. Project work has also brought about the most evil side of many, causing people to hanker over their own contributions during meetings and discussions, so their supervising tutors know they are contributing a lot(hence, better grades)..PW has also taught us to fake minutes and any other documents, and when it comes to filling in the learning checklist, you cannot do anything else but write stereotypical, full proof, cliche & safe answers(so you would not get into trouble)like ‘I learnt a lot from…’, where in actual fact, you can’t wait to scribble ‘PW SUCKS’ on the paper.

Who I Want to Meet: If you think that project work is one of the most irritating and frustrating things that you have experienced throughout your entire education in Singapore, you are not alone. Don’t worry, 90% of JC students think the same, the other 10% are probably blind followers and hopeless muggers who lap up every bit and morsel the education system of Singapore throws at them, because apparently, they think it helps. And this probably consists of the group of students who came up with the idea of pw, or so I heard. You suck, and that’s sad.

MOE should realize one day that there is indeed a certain amount of crap a student can take, and pw has certainly exceeded it. Mr Tharman whatever should think before he approves of any other education policies. Any in any case, thinking involves the use of the brain, if you were unaware.

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