Laze…..PW, OGL, LJ, PV, ….

Been lagging in posting blogs…so briefly…

ok pw’s over finally…since nov 10 that is. Oral P was ok, the questions were funny, good, bad. mine was okay, at least my answer was alright. sara’s one was funny…say that people compare handphones, but don’t purposely take out schoolbags to compare? haha !lol

After Oral P, we did our GPF, before I had OGL interview by mx, yongsheng and another sc girl. I was the last person and most of the other interviewers left. they asked the usual questions but some weird ones. Do you believe in fate? What if you end up with a screwed up OG which has all the ‘dao’ people etc.? …Why is the sky blue? Because God made it so. Oh scientifically, because the atmosphere split the sun’s white light blah blah….then because the sea is blue….because it’s not red? because it is so. Then they had some props, tables, chairs, a pole, a hoop and asked me to use them to express myself. And so, I thought of what to do…thought of the next year’s theme, and then did a some lame yoda thing: took the stick, said the yoda’s phrase “fear is the path to the dark side…….do not fear VJC orientation. have fun in the games…blah blah…if you are scared, use your lightsaber and hit them” (and I used the pole and hit the table) !lol 😮 It was funny…mx said I did well, and was great that I thought of that on the spot.

nov 10 is an interesting day, after piling our GPF and handing them up, my class went for a CIP / Learning Journey at East Coast Park…CIP by picking up litter, LJ by educating people about beach conversation by giving them a simple self-designed flyer and talk to them. aha. we walked from VJC to the food centre and had lunch there. It was a good class gathering after so long, and mrs koh bought satay for us.
After the CIP/LJ, went to VS for projectvisual meeting to discuss about the upcoming laos trip…after that had dinner treat by khooky at fish & co. it was good.

nov 11 was deepavali. went to church for some bible study, thereafter went to aunt poon’s house for BBQ…hmm…

nov 12 is a friday…went to school early (again!) for iCOMP Exco Meeting. After that, went to east coast to cycle with kc, mf, jr, yt, yifei,…borrowed bike from SC…$1 per hour…cool eh. jr and yt skated while the rest and I cycled for 4 hours before it started to rain heavily.

Saturday was YM as usual.
While the_laptop’s programming training started.
OGL results were out and I’m one. But some people didn’t get in. Most of those expected people are in. But some people can’t get in due to results 🙁


Now finally my holdiays started… I had some “peace” to play some games…tried some interesting old and new ones…


and one of the TAs seem to be against blogs. he say that don’t anyhow say things later appear in some people’s blogs. urm well blogs are ours and we have our own right to post whatever we want to post, but obviously should have some etiquette and not post things which are too offensive.

just find FDU – food disposal unit funny.

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