iCOMP Exco Meeting, OGL Meeting, ProjectVisual

Tuesday…the first day of the third week of school holidays…

Had iCOMP Exco Meeting over lunch with mr. gi…apparently the pizza hut at parkway closed operations and shifted elsewhere, so we decided to have a buffet lunch at Parkway Thai restaurant opposite the pizza hut…cost $17+++ per person. it was good, mr gi said we all must have five rounds !lol haha shafeeq only ate one plate, had a lot of leftovers, and said he was full. so he only tried to eat a bit more with dessert…victor had a lot, and so did I and some of the rest.

After that had a short sterling meeting with Mr. Boy, Mr. Chad Goh, Evelynn from S17 and mx and vic, discussed abit about the engineering in sports thing.

thereafter had OGL initiation at LT1…it was a briefing about what’s up for us…there were quite a lot, almost 140 odd people who are OGLs. After some admin stuff and brief introduction on next year’s theme, it came to the time when we were supposed to choose our OGs! There were eight, theme was Vollywood and the OGs were named after movies. At first, I had thoughts of joining Star Wars since that is the only movie and am familiar with as compared to rest.

Sometimes I feel so lonely? isolated? !confused cos everyone seemed to be discussing with their good friends where they going, which group to go, and they went to put their names on the forms together. as for me, no one approached me :(, no one came to me, I just casually asked some people, and I went to the star wars paper and see no names there. So I decided to hesitate first, walked around, asked a few people like vic, whom got dragged in by zhan and arts gang, and in the end I ended up putting my name in star wars because I thought that’s the only one which I will be most familiar…without knowing anyone else I know who would be in the group. what if…what if I don’t know anyone there, or I don’t fit in, or…?

come to think of it, maybe I should just join some other thing other than star wars and watch the movie somehow later. but nevermind, think there should be some people I know, or the most make new friends, and isn’t that what being an OGL is for? =p !wink


Wednesday was ProjectVisual packing day. Was in VS at 10+ to meet renfu, yaw vwee left for his OCIP, while hong xuan came later. We started with some short discussion, before shorting out some books, conuting their values and numbers, and arrange them by pri sch, sec sch, stationery, misc, and tentative/or deemed irrelevant. after lunch at some restaurant at Laguna Park which sells nice Beef Noodles at $5.50++ with $0.30 tissue paper and $0.30 iced water, and after amazingly stared at the bus stop which had one glass panel holding one of the notice boards shattered into pieces (wished I had a camera, it was pretty cool and the glass was really in pieces! there was no intact transparent piece), we moved some CD-ROMs from the VS library. after sorting out more books, we sort out the different CD-ROMs into different subjects and took out those chinese/NE/irrelevant ones. there were SO many CD-ROMs that the library condemned, and many which we, and not just we, I’m sure many other students and teachers, didn’t know existed. Some were so new that seemed untouched/unused, while some were dusty. there were many full versions of softwares like encarta 99, pagemaker, corel draw 8 etc. etc. many other nice albeit older versions of softwares…I think we can start a CD-ROM Library! It seems that MOE too much money, inject so much into buying stuff for IT masterplan when we don’t even have time to make full use for such treasures…haiz…

Come to think of it, on one hand, many people are buying lots of things and throwing away lots of things…there was one book publisher who had a warehouse sale (which we got some stuff from), and I heard the leftovers were thrown/recycled; while on the other hand, many people don’t even have the luxuries to have access to such books, much less have ability to buy them…

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