A certain subject

Once upon a time, there is this subject that has a few interesting teachers. This subject is very interesting because the teachers really love “Teach Less Learn More.” This is probably the only subject in which there is no consistent flow of Lecture Notes and Tutorials. This is because, in this subject, the teacher does not seem to make use of the two fundamental components of the ever-stressing JC life to teach, which makes it seem very strange and different, making us students feel as if we are not prepared for the A Levels. Although it is relaxing not to have Lecture Notes and Tutorials, it makes me feel as if we are learning aimlessly. Though it is good that we have less tutorials to do.

Also, in this subject, because of the lack of Lecture Notes, students do not really know what is going on and what is being taught and what exactly the syllabus is. Although sometimes, there is something being taught, it is either taught too briefly or too reliant on our independency to learn ourselves, so much so that it seems there is little curriculum time allocated for this particular topic and we have to spend time and learn everything else ourselves. Also, the teacher does not really teach well without us having lecture notes, because we cannot absorb what the teacher is teeaching. Most of the time, when tests come, we have find the information ourselves, without any solid source of notes. In fact, till now, we have not have a taste of how the actual exam will be like.

Maybe this subject is not worth teaching in the way that it is taught. Or more like maybe this subject can be taught the way it is taught now (because I like to have a more relaxed education), but its final exam should not be tested in the way that it is being tested.

There are other things about this subject which I shall not mention about.

The Failure Outing

Yesterday had an outing which was a complete failure..almost..

Firstly, it was meant to be a Vader OGLs outing, supposed to meet at 5 PM at City Hall but I was late cos I decided to print something last minute and arrived late at 5.30 PM. Apparently, only 3 people have arrived even though it was half an hour past meeting time.

Actually supposed to have steambeat/bbq at marina but some people didn’t like it.

#1: Where’s everyone?

We waited and more people come. In the end only 6 of us, kar meng and terence who skipped their respective class outings, lihui, jian peng, cheryl and me. Wah…so big a group eh? Saw o-wern but he chose to go to his class outing.

#2: Eating

We decided to walk to suntec to meet zhiqi. then we walked a round in the fountain terrace, having no single clue on what to eat. some had budget constrains. guess what we ate in the end – food court. Cool eh? first time food court for a JC outing. But it was alright for a small group. I gave the namecard-sized vader poster which I printed, but so little people came, waste my time to rush to print just now.

#3: Movie?

Later the 8th person – hian chuan – joined us when we finished eating. We decided to watch a movie, and decided to go to Lido cos the timings there earlier than those at suntec. This is the first location that we went.

Alas, we reached Lido at 8.15 PM, and we realised that the tickets for Aviator at 8.15 and 8.45 were both sold out! We cursed ourselves and said we should have checked suntec’s 8.45 PM even though that meant that jian peng might have to break his curfew.

So movie plans were failed.

#4, 5 & 6: Pool or bowling or k-box?

O-wern met us at Lido. Then we decided to go play pool. At cineleisure orchard. that’s the second location we went. so we walked down orchard, and I seemed to have not walked orchard for ages…actually i REALLY didn’t walk orchard for months, even during christmas, that I didn’t know of the outdoor 7-eleven that’s outside ngee ann city. hah. no la it’s not that I never go out, more like never walk that stretch for so long. didn’t have the chance to.

Alas, the pool was so crowded. Someone suggested k-box but it was too expensive. then bowling alley at cineleisure apparently closed down. ah i still remembered going there for class outing. come to think of it, i’ve never bowled in my life. sad life I have eh?

So this is the second location that failed.

#7: Marche?

Then we decided to go Marche # Heeren to have a light dessert and sit and chat. But alas, due to Hari Raya Haji weekend, they impose a min $10 spending per head. wah…now that’s the third location that turned down us!

#8: Paragon Roof?

By that time it was 9+ and I thought I could walk down to Dhoby Ghaut and it would be the right time to go home by then. we then stood around outside Heeren. Cheryl suggested to go to the rooftop of Paragon where we can sit down and chat. I’ve never been there before, so worth checking out. We even stopped by at 7-eleven at the basement to buy some snacks before going up. but ALAS! they having some construction works and we can’t go. so in the end we ended up sitting at some benches on the top floor of the Paragon shopping centre. for a while and chat. this is the fourth location that failed. we saw some hwa chong people sitting in a circle chatting…probably some class outing who also wanted to go to the roof. at about 10 PM we left home.

haix…4 locations, all turned down us. altogether EIGHT disappointments. wow…what an amazing outing we had!

we need to have another proper outing!

on the way some amusing things happened though. we went past a stage outside lido and hc and km started singing to the music. then we also bought $1 ice-cream. then hc and km kept teasing zq being short, while I commented that it is quite insulting (cos I’m short also mah). then they kept “towering” over her, and zq say “i’d rather walk with colin then, who understands my plight”. haha. then jp also quite funny, kept talking to himself even though we never respond to him.


along the way, I was thinking that Singaporean youths properly need a new place to hangout. haha, seems like it can be proven from this outing that there are many choices, but all seemed too crowded or overloaded or too mundane (not that I like pool, bowling and k-box). perhaps someone can invent a new activity that is hip, popular, easy, fun. or perhaps a good business idea is to come up with a plan for a better place to hangout. haha.

till then, probably it isn’t a good idea to go on an outing that is not quite planned before hand. neither it is a good idea to go out on saturday nights cos it’s expensive and crowded.

also, I realised that Singaporeans have a problem of deciding what and where to eat. this is not the first outing that I’ve experienced such. it’s too unproductive to stand around deciding what to eat. Isn’t it ironic that we always spend so much time deciding what and where to eat, when other people in other parts of the world have problems about WHEN to eat? I learnt in a recent bible study that 20% of the world holds 80% of the world’s wealth, while 5 million die every year of starvation, and that equals to a Boeing 747 filled with kids crashing everyday. these are things that are worth thinking about.

Time – Things to make out about recent events

“Time is the STUFF that LIFE is made of. Time is LIFE!”

“LOST AND FOUND: Lost! Yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset – 2 golden hours, each set with 60 diamond minutes. No reward is offered since they are gone forever.”

these are some quotes from my bible study notes…

There are 3 approaches to view time: the humanistic approach that we are in control of everything (which in fact we are actually not), the fatalistic approach which believe that everything is fate (or is it?), and lastly, the realistic and christian approach that God set the times and seasons, it’s man’s responsibility to respond to it. Man is not in total control. God is not setting everything apart from man. It is man’s response to God’s timing, God’s soveignity balanced with Man’s responsibility. sounds a bit cheem eh?

If we have a handicap in life, we should not waste time in thinking that we are better off dead, but we should turn our self-pity into courage.

There were a few things which stroke me after the recent Tsunami in which the whole world is talking about, and also my personal grumblings after since school has started. This paraphrased material from Pastor Benny Ho’s notes is really inspiring…

Sometimes, we are looking at things from our own perspective, from “under the sun”, “as long as I live” perspective, just like Solomon, who was trying to look for a pattern under a tapestry.

But God is the one who is weaving His tapestry of time. Looking under it, we only see an unclear picture, a mess of colours, patterns which are hard to understand. This threads are the ups and downs in our lifes, the good things and bad things that happen in this world, all weaved together in a mess. But God is asking us to soar with his wings of FAITH, rise above the tapestry and see things from God’s perspective.

Hence, sometimes it really seems that things are tumbling down on us, but we should recognise that this is part and parcel of life, and this is part of God’s plan of growing us.

Coincidentally or what, I was reading an email forwarded from a friend. It goes like this:

>Sometimes we wonder, “What did I do to deserve this?” or “Why did
>God have to do this to me?”
>Here is a wonderful explanation!
>A daughter is telling her Mother how everything is going wrong,
>she’s failing algebra, her boyfriend broke up with her and her best
>friend is moving away.
>Meanwhile, her Mother is baking a cake and asks her daughter if she
>would like a snack, and the daughter says, “Absolutely Mom, I love
>your cake.”
>Here, have some cooking oil,” her Mother offers. “Yuck” says her
>”How about a couple raw eggs?” “Gross, Mom!”
>”Would you like some flour then? Or maybe baking soda?” “Mom, those
>are all yucky!” To which the mother replies: “Yes, all those things
>seem bad all by themselves.
>But when they are put together in the right way, they make a
>wonderfully delicious cake! God works the same way. Many times we
>wonder why He would let us go through such bad and difficult times.
>But God knows that when He puts these things all in His order, they
>always work for good!
>We just have to trust Him and, eventually, they will all make
>something wonderful!
>God is crazy about you. He sends you flowers every spring and a
>sunrise every morning. Whenever you want to talk, He’ll listen. He
>can live anywhere in the universe, and He chose your heart. If you
>like this, send this on to the people you really care about. I did.
>I hope your day is a “piece of cake!”
>Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we
>might as well dance.

This analogy goes hand in hand with the tapestry analogy. And for these two analogies to come to me at almost the same time, it really gave me some thought.

Some people question the existence of God in the light of the tsunami. Secular newspapers have columns which touched on this topic over the past weeks. Some of the columns sound right, while some sound out of the way. I think that we should not question God. This is because he has his plans for us, as said by the two analogies above, and all things work together for good. His purpose is not to pamper man, but to purify man. His goal is not to make man happy but to make man holy. hence, since man are his creation, he has the right to do things which are part of his plan for the world. we do not see or know his complete plan, hence we cannot question him. if his goal is to make man happy by making everyone immortal, then he is indeed, in a way, idolising man because he is pleasing man, and thus then, how can He be God?

How many lives does it need for God to take away to prove that life is indeed precious, and that God is calling out for us, for us to return to Him.


I think I was too busy to blog about this major event.

Well, of all times, of all duration, we, the last CBPS batch, finally met again after 5 years? Derrick was the one who organised it, and said that during school holidays he was busy with project and now he more free.

well we had bbq at east coast (haha I jut had one the previous night for OG BBQ), then I met jungang at parkway and we walked there together. saw a few girls sitting, couldn’t recognise anyone at first…ahh jovina, libing, hui jian, yiyan. aiyo look so different. then there was royston at the bbq pit which I really couldn’t recognise, and also diana. it seems ironic that we don’t know what to talk about after not meeting for 5 years, although it is supposed to be like old friends have many things to catch up.

then later, derrick, zhao ming and hui zi, which still look similar as before, came with drinks. they went to buy thinsg while we started bbqing. it was pretty fun, havn’t really bbqed with my hands for some time. later more people arrived, and even mdm lum our ever nice chinese teacher came. we cooked, ate, talked, took some group picture (apparently the group was difficult to organise together), and I showed them the last newsletter that CBPS published that I brought. it surely brought back memories to some.

I talked to a few, such as hui zi, and realised that i know people who know her. haha best is Serena, her good friend who lives near her, who lives near me. they have tuition together and hui zi say serena kept talking about orientation. hahas.

it was about 10.30pm where hui juan and hui zi and I decided to take cab back home.

this gathering really shown that we were once together, but we went separate paths, each of us have our own route of education, but here we meet together again, as one, for a night, but there we separate again.

hmm so will we meet again in another five years?


Yesterday was OG BBQ…probably the last major orientation event….

On Thursday night, I was having a bad running nose and I slept from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. When I woke up, I realised that I have yet to burn the 20 photo CDs for my flickmates. I’m giving each of them a customized photo CD, each with their own photo as the cover. I’ve already printed the covers and stuff the night before, and I decided to print some namecard-sized photos to fill up the A4 paper too. Zhiqi, Hian Chuan, Serena and I also started writing personalized notes for them to slot into the CDs….cool eh? Probably the most unique and personalized gift one can ever get, and they are very lucky to have me taking pictures of them throughout orientation. Who else would have so many pictures taken of themselves? Even I do not have such privilege last year.

at first we (the OGLs in my flick) were thinking of what to give to the J1s, then one suggested develop one photo and write a message behind, then I thought of..why not burn a CD of all the photos? then i decided to print the covers myself…the namecard sized pictures ones were actually extra just to fill up the A4 piece of paper used to print the covers.

haha everyone who saw it wanted to have one too….

On Friday morning, I was feeling feverish and had some sore throat. Luckily brought some panadol to school. After school, the S63 girls were doing the birthday plan for mag, all thanks to serena, they were going to throw water filled with egg (and mag thought it was soap) from the second floor of the T block to the first floor where mag would be standing. The plan was so elaborate that a couple in the class had to fake that they were angry with each other and that mag was finding something behind the T block, but alas she went out and saw people on the 2nd floor…aha…another part of the plan was that serena would have called mag in the morning to ask her to bring extra clothes cos serena forgot to bring as she is on the way to school…haha…that’s SO serena! anyway, she gave in and got splashed and smelt of egg as she went for tuition…

In the afternoon, I had meeting with Mr. Dominic Chua and the rest of the Corp Communications Committee, including Ms Bala, Mr Chiok, Mrs Jay, Mr James Koh, Mr Tang. It was an interesting meeting regarding the school website. At 3pm, I sorta felt better. Went to canteen and saw Cheryl, Shuhui, ‘Amanda’ aka Jian Peng and Si ming making presents for their flick. Zhiqi was having personal lit tutorial with her teacher. hah. Serena had band practice. Went back to the lab and decided to make pyramid out of the 20 CDs with the help of yt. hahaz…it toppled a few times. But in the end yt managed to finish it. It’s so cool! haha…and to finish it up so that it looks more even, we put a 21st CD – the 20th anniversary DVD to be exact.

Time flies past and at about 5.30 pm zhiqi called to say they are leaving for the BBQ pit. I was in the com lab talking to matthew and asked them to go first. Haha I left school at about 6.30pm and actually they were in front of me and I caught up with them. Zhen Hui the SAA was with them too. They actually catered the food to BBQ…that’s quite good cos there was enough food for everyone. It was quite well planned, considering the other SAA, Atiqah, helping out in cooking the food. I was busy talking to some of my flickmates and the other OGLs, including showing them some pictures on my tablet, and showing them the amazing turning screen and touch screen that I realised the sun setting but missed it….I missed it! Didn’t go to the beach to take pictures of the sunset…too busy talking. By the time hian chuan said we should go to the breakwater, it was already past seven and the sun already set. ha. nevermind. I was showing them Onenote, and that they can create their own font, and as usual the girls were excited to create their own. hahz. but they teased me that I’m a nerd, bring laptop to BBQ some more….aiy. Then zhiqi was telling ivan that don’t me like me next year, so into computers that I won’t let it go. Then I was stressing that I’m not that nerdy, if i’m then I won’t be at this BBQ! hahaz haiz….

At the breakwater, we chat and took pictures and hian chuan showed some video tricks on a phone by pausing and disappearing acts. The breeze was cool. After a while, we went back to give presents to our flick as some of them are leaving…so early eh? They were also very nice to have prepared present for us… a pen which says VJC OGL 2005, a pencil with our name, a little note and a metal thing, with stars for girls and a dog-shape thing for guys, that has “WE SUCK!” engraved on it. hahaz. After eating, lihui bought cake to celebrate all vaders birthday, and the wind blew and cake fell onto the table. Serena and Cheryl then decided to play cake! The started rubbing cake on everyone especially the flickmates….aiyo so evil…so serena! soon everyone got cake-dirty. Waikin was looking at serena cleaning cake from her arm and he shouted and ran away. LOL.

After that, Zhiqi, Shuhui, Terence and I were at the breakwater again talking about stars, OCIP and stuff. Later we decided to go back to join our flick. And we brought our flick to the breakwater to play some games such as 7up and concentration. It was fun to interact and play forfeit. Serena had to say I LOVE JOEL!!! and other stuff, farhan had to bring someone from another flick to say I love you, and samantha sang very well, zhiqi said I’m an a**hole, while they kept saying hian shit and shit qi and towner gardens and stuff and saying that zhiqi likes farhan ….hahaz and other stuff. It was all so fun.

Later we left the breakwater, went back and we did some cheers and mass danced with a scratched CD that skipped and skipped, danced whiney and friendship with shuhui. After that we dispersed and went home.

Thank God for allowing me to be well enough to attend the OG BBQ.

it’s the same old feeling again

the more i go to tutorials, the more i feel what i’m doing this for…

it seems that out of the 4 subjects, economics is the easiest to understand, while I’m lagging in maths and physics tutorials, while computing has no tutorials as of now.

matthew’s got a classmate who actually decided to go to poly this year after one year in JC. aiy she should have gone earlier. waste time! hahaz.

so here we go…

School Blues

Today’s the first day of lessons, tutorials and lectures proper. and it’s so XIAN! 🙁

However, the timetable’s much better now. Dismissed at 1425 today, so weird and early that I didn’t know what to do next. Ended up hanging around in com lab for a while before going home, and was trying to do some GP essay but ended up watching Cold Mountain DVD with my brother 😮

Regarding the timetable, now that they fix timings of periods to 35 minutes, effectively, there is one extra period per day, and effectively, if you fit last year’s timetable into this year’s timings, we have less curriculum time, and thus earlier dismissal times! Looking at my junior class’ timetable, they have shorter days than I had last year! The most grrr one is thursdays…they are dismissed at 1350 (!!!) while I had to be tortured till 1615 for the whole of last year.

today there was a “confession time” with Mrs Koh…about our greatest regrets for last year and our goals for this year. I didn’t quite know what to say, in the end I said that my greatest regret was that I talked too little. And my goal for the year was to work hard and score well, as everyone will make it.


As Seen in Friendster: OGLs

as seen in friendster by my friend:

Gender: Male
Interested in Meeting People for: Friends, Activity Partners
Status: Domestic Partnership
Age: 18
Location: Singapore
Occupation: orientation group leaders of vjc orientation1 2005
Schools: victoria junior college !
Hobbies and Interests: cheering, mass-dancing, ogling
Favorite Music: i want you, tribal dance, neutron, la bamba, whiney whiney, friendship dance song, vollywood anthem
Favorite TV Shows: vjc plasma screen
About Me: we’re moving in we’re moving out
hey ogls lets hear you shout!
catch the spirit we create
today’s the day we dominate
say it loud say it proud
ogls ogls
ehhh…. ogls !!!!!


Who I Want to Meet: vaders, indigoo, corsair, trojan, orion, rodeo, ingole and aranna OGLs !

P.O.D.: Post Orientation/OGL Depression

Finally, after 2 weeks of OGL preparation and one week of orientation, it’s all over…so sad. We are now suffering from POD (thanks to serena for inspiration to invent that acronym), and symptoms include reluctance to start monday. our minds are ringing with orientation cheers, mass dances, and images of the younger ones.

just feel that being OGL is so fun…suddenly feel very bonded with the other OGLs, then like other friends and classmates become very far away. it was really a great experience, a totally different and probably better than being a J1, and probably more memorable than last year’s orientation due to the amount of time spent on it. From the day pre-camp, to banner painting, to OGL camp, to the actual orientation, to sea regatta, it was all fun, and it all happened so fast, so quick, so good.

as things turned out to be, I suppose it was better than what I’ve expected. Reading what I’ve typed in November, I said that I joined Star Wars OG, now known as Vader, without knowing anyone. Then I got to know that Terence Lim, my old VS friend is in it. Then got to know a few other VS people whom I seldom talked to, and now got to know many other Vader OGLs, and especially got along very well with my fellow flick OGLs: Serena and Zhiqi from S63, and Hian Chuan from SC. Vacuum rocks though we suck! =p We suck…ssssiiii…sss….
The other flick names were cool…Valer, Vovivan, Voda, Vavavinks, Vanakin, and Vorce.

one of the funny parts was when we were learning the Vollywood Theme Song aka Victorian Anthem…
we were singing singing practicing, then some VS guys like samuel and hong kin preparing to cheer in the centre, but the SC talking – audrey – say VS guys please do not do your cheers, this is VJ, not VS, pls return to your OG, so they pretend pretend go back to their OG. but after that, when we sang again for the last time, we heck and cheered in the centre, J2 OGLs AND J1 VS people…haha
this batch of VS like to push a lot….they do spelling cheer more violent than us
yesterday, when we did after mass dance, there was a girl who was trapped in our cheer…lol

Mr. Dominic Chua thought the cheers were amazing, better than the school cheers. He thought if they could be incorpoated into the repertoire of school cheers if possible….haha. cos he says that during times like match support, it is when you want the really funky cheers, not the same old boring ones.
Hmm, well speaking about cheers, all OGLs love the R-O-D-E-O cheer, and the Oreo cheer which was invented by kin to spite Orion (but how ironic that they won overall), and the words of “one more time” rings in our heads as we repeated the cheers so many times on the last day on Voscar Night.

Voscar Night was fun, though the 8 role plays were boring except the first one which was Vaders! People’s attention span barely lasted after that. It was just to boring to watch so many role plays. Maybe they should scrap the concept of role play, or tweak it around or something. Doing it in production houses aka allies for the OGLs was a good idea. Or maybe include other stuff like singing, dancing instead of just skits. Mass Dance and cheering as finale, though they have to dismiss cos parents waiting outside. But we continued our mass dance nevertheless after returning valuables. after that we were all wet and sweaty.

Ivan is my ultimate junior man, he’s the guy who took over me in VS IT Club as the chairman, now he’s in my OG, and he’s in my junior class taking the same subj combi as me, and he’s joining icomp, and there are chances of him to become iComp chair…haha. What a coincidence.

speaking about icomp…as per experience, anyway initially it’s quite weird to join icomp because it’s like everyone ask you for cca, then everyone else seems to be joining sports, and when you say you’re in icomp, people will wondering what it is and you’ve to explain that it’s computer club of sorts
but after a year, it feels fulfilling cos i’ve done quite some stuff and gained some fame and popularity amongst teachers and some students, and i’ve done much that other people appreciate
Now i’m widely advertised by my fellow OG OGLs that I’m icomp chairman and this and that video is done by me…and the fake CCA – SDU – Social Development Unit’s fake website in powerpoint and MSN conversation was done by me too. Some of the other Vader OGLs were quite amazed by what I did, some say they were amazed that I’m icomp president, while kah meng was joking he was jealous of me for four years liao. lolx.
Well, on another hand, sarah said she was surprised that I’m an OGL, she thought I wasn’t the cheering and dancing kind of person.

on voscar night, mrs chan commented that I was called ‘Little Gi’ by some other people. Mr dominic chua says that should be a complement !wink

oh ya, on the first day of orientation, we showed the 20th anniversary video and it was quite well received, people clapped for felicia chin, VJC being top5, beckham etc.
we also set up live camera on projector screen during mass dance sessions for better view but the projector too lousy too dark
and also for the first time we had e-voting during orientation, when they voted for the best SAA – supporting actor and actresses from the different OGs. they smsed and the results were revealed later. Vader won both. It was quite weird cos the SMS server was slow, so at first some leading, some losing, then vader was leading when I checked and told SC, later it was losing, as of now it’s leading at a high of 600 votes, while others have 300+. Voting had quite a good response after all…about 2000 votes in total…I thought nobody voted…chey it’s just the server lagging.

I think this is the most high-tech orientation ever in the history of VJC. First there’s showbuzz showbiz, the papparazi…on the first day afternoon, there were immediate pictures being uploaded onto the laptop and shown on screen…the pictures were only taken in the morning. Secondly, there’s live camera on screen for mass dance. Thirdly, there’s e-voting. Fourthly, there was a muvee shown on the last day with some clips of the first/second day taken by icomp. Fifth, there was an sms thing sponsored by singtel during station games but it was screwed and it was scrapped afterwards.

Sea Regatta was fun, some say it was more fun than SC’s games… got dunked and dunked people. But there was a man, a jogger/passerby, who wasn’t happy with us occupying the path and complained that it was not the first time, and was very demanding, asked for someone’s number, didn’t want to see the teacher now etc. like eat-finish-nothing-to-do-those-kind…

Isn’t it ironic when Vacuum won a captain’s ball game and hian chuan shouted…vacuum…you suck! lol

Camera was safe at sea. But camera got wet during SC’s station games when I was pointing around preparing to find a good scene, then people playing waterbombs beside me and…SPLASH! I was hit, was very wet, and my camera tio water on the lens and body.
I think my flick is very lucky cos got me to take pictures of them =p

Vaders and Rodeo are the best allies ever! haha…we went for OGL combined dinner at Millenia Walk during the last day of OGL camp, a Wednesday. Security guards came and said as long as we don’t play with the water and clear up, it’s ok. Then we went again on the Orientation Week Wednesday for combined OG dinner at the same place..where the fountain is. But this time we weren’t lucky. Security came with a manager, and he didn’t like us to be there, say it’s private property, took down some of our names, and asked us to leave. but it was pretty late and time to go anyways so it was okay. haha.

My flick went to two dinners including the combined OG one, and one lunch. This is more than what I had last year. They were also nice to prepare something – a flower and some chocolate to the OGLs. I did not do this to my OGLs last year. We, as OGLs, treated them some ice cream in school. My OGLs did not do this to me last year. Hope that Vacuum will be united and say ‘hi’ to each other in school! Compared to my legion which sorta forgot about each other a few months later.

And so it’s now all over. Back to tutorials and tutorials and lectures and studies and blah and the like.
Cheers to zhiqi, serena and hian chuan. you rock!

What if I didn’t join Star Wars? What if there wasn’t a swap of flick OGLs and I’m not in Vacuum (initially I was alone and I put my name in a flick name with nobody in it, then I got swapped and become to be in Vacuum)?
It’s probably God’s hand that I can be part of this great team of OGLs, of Vaders, and of Vacuum, and that I have people I know in my OG, and that I made great friends with my fellow OGLs.

Say O-Oreo…O-Oreo…O-Oreo…One more time!
Say O-Oreo…O-Oreo…O-Oreo…Pui!
Say R-O-D-E-O, R-O-D-E-O, R-O-D-E-O, One more time!
Say R-O-D-E-O, R-O-D-E-O, R-O-D-E-O…go Rodeo!
Vaders, uh-huh uh-huh, we’re cool hunks, uh-huh uh-huh,
Vaders, uh-huh uh-huh, we’re chio-bus, uh-huh uh-huh
etc. etc.

Blessed New Year!!!

Finally my domain is back up and everything is back to normal…

So this is my first post for 2005…

Sometimes I wonder how much it takes for God to make people realise that life is indeed fraglie…

So many things are happening not very far from us in another part of the world, and while they are happening, we, the OGLs and the SCs at VJC are preparing for orientation, unaffected and not updated by the seriousness of the disaster.