I wished I can have a real Sunday which I can truly relax and do no work and simply spend time as I wish and do the things I like and hang out with friends…

but unfortunately I couldn’t. almost every sunday afternoon has been spent on doing work and stuff…hais…boring…

weekdays all work, weekends still work, play is squeezed all within…really wish that I can have a true Sunday…

Hopes and Dreams Speech

“Most people spend their whole lives hanging onto hopes and dreams that Why take that away from them? A man needs one thing in life – someone to love. If you can’t give him that, give him something to hope for. And if you can’t give him that, just give him something to do.”

(from Flight of the Phoenix)

I think I need to concentrate on doing things instead of doing nothing aimlessly, as always I have.

Faithful Runner

Oh faithful runner
Breathe your second wind
Lean onto the grace of God
And soar into His wings

You faithful runner
Whenever you should fall
Stand again and lift your eyes
And hear the distant call:

“Come on faithful runner
I’m calling out to you
When you are weak, your strength is gone
I will carry you

Go on faithful runner
You’ll never walk alone
So keep the fire of faith in you
Cos I will lead you home.”

– Eric Lee

What’s next?

Yesterday, we screened the orientation video during morning assembly. it started off with the grand icomp intro music, then the dedication words, then when the orientation 2005 title came out, some yeahs can be heard. everyone laughed, remembered, reflected, especially on scenes like molesting ms lara croft and splashing of water during outdoor games. some people might be humiliated though, but it’s not that serious lah. they laughed at “how are the J1s? Sad to say…they ROCK!”…and of course the ever engraved in my mind – the voice of serena saying “we’re from VACUUM” when interviewed from kx and hoosy when they passed by us. that was the final words part, and then the fast-foward reverse of walking in of sch with the school flag waving along with sad music…zq said that the ending v impactful, while serena said that she almost cried, very touching, cos orientation was one of the most memorable moments of her life. heh. and someone said he saw a J1 crying. not sure if it’s true.

there were varied comments about the video. most said it was good and impressive. mr gi smsed me and said: nice show, but it’s quite disruptive to lessons. lol. i wonder in what way, other than reminding everyone of orientation mood and the OGLs doing the OGL cheer after being inspired by the video. cool. kash said she is very impressed with iCOMP. matt said we have successfully imprinted iCOMP’s image into everyone’s mind with the logo at the front and back. hah. And I think about 10 people asked me if they could have a copy -_-

well the credit does not go to me, but to swee yee and kai xin. kudos to them, and especially to swee yee with his wonderful ideas and whose birthday is today. Happy Birthday! Gave him a special dvd with his picture on it. He “bowed down and worshipped” and he will place the dvd on the “altar and put joss sticks on it”. lol.

i think this is the 2nd most successful official main iCOMP production of our batch, after the 20th anniversary video. what’s next?


yesterday during 3rd period, mr tan say I hit jackpot, failed all 3 stations. some more IT Com and he’d ask mr gi to train me and then that’s God bless me already O.o…
Today he said that I do so much IT, I must motivate myself to pass at least 2 stations.


I’ve broke a record. My blog has 447 unique visitors for this month alone. I’m quite amazed at who visits my blog, even got people from other countries, with Australia ranking highest after Singapore. cool.

someone asked me to include a tagboard. and so I did.

Life is not ideal but it does not need to suck

Life is not ideal. who ever said life was fair?

Well anyway, I think we should appreciate the things that we have. we should appreciate that we have schools to study in, buildings with aircon to learn in, and facilities that we can use. should not forget the conditions of education in other countries, which are much worse than us. and since life isn’t ideal, yes, there are still pitfalls and minor disturbances in our high-class education system, but we should still appreciate the good side of things. hence, I think I should rant less and complain less =p. And probably the best thing to do is to make the best out of this un-ideal life, looking forward to things to come, cos we do not belong to this world.

Today, after a certain turnaround, I managed to focus during lectures and learn at least something, if not everything. perhaps this is because I don’t have any other thing to multitask during lecture cos I don’t have any assignment to rush and I guess that’s good. Even though I may not like all the things that I do, since I’m here, might as well finish it well for the rest of the months left in JC.

And today, I went to run 4.8 again. The last time I had a good run was with shawn and joel and calvin. x country one wasn’t that good. I think I missed out the fun of sports since young. probably because I have too little exposure. also, I’m lousy at ball games like tennis, badminton etc. cos I can’t aim properly, I can’t throw or kick properly, and I’m afraid of the ball hitting me at times -__-. Luckily running is just running, no balls involved. At least I feel a renewed sense of relaxing and de-stressing, something which I never felt for some time. and perhaps that’s what I missed out in the importance of exercising. although one might feel tired after the exercise, it does good to our body after all. maybe icomp should have some running session sometime…the first non-sport CCA to run 4.8 as a group? haha. haha. haha. com’on, x country runners have to train 6 times a week……

well last few days been feeling tired, restless and bored. But somehow I was better today. And perhaps sleeping a little tweeny weeny bit early helps too. I think it’s better to have a good mood in the morning cos it would carry on the rest of the day, cos if you did not sleep well, you might not have a good mood in the morning, and you may not recover in the day. and this affects our social development and well being as well as our interactions with others.

The time has come when it’s U I live for everyday, and be a faithful runner.

The Security Guard

I think the security guard has quite a boring job. pity him.

I saw him smoking outside the school gate before assembly.

then I think he has to hang around the gate area and watching at people and vehicles go by everyday, wearing a formal uniform with tie and in the hot weather. how pitiful. so everyday is just standing at the same few places, nothing special, nothing much, unless something happens of course.

“to build a democratic society…”

It’s SC elections again…
If students need to have notebooks right under their nose so that it is convenient for them to vote, perhaps such students don’t have any responsibility at all.
It’s the student’s responsibility to find time to logon and vote at their own time, not the school’s responsibility to provide such convenience for the students.
There’s L28, there’s home computers, and if students are not responsible enough to go and vote, then perhaps voting shouldn’t be implemented at all.

It comes to show that students do not take much priority in such exercises. Judging from the faces of the year 2005 voting, not really a lot of people voted. Excuses include “didn’t bother” “don’t know where to vote” “forgot” etc.

The Government does not come personally to our doorstep to request us to vote for the President, does it?
No, it’s our responsibility to proceed to the relevant voting stations to vote.
Or rather, the Govt needs to threaten to fine us so that we have the responsibility.

Perhaps, it’s a matter of putting a threat to something mankind has created for the well being on society just so that other fellow human beings can adhere to it.


wah these few days are really hot and I can’t stand it.
and worse is when aircons broke down, as VJC aircons are infamous for. Walking around school compound is really warm, and one only wishes to get into the LTs and classrooms asap. it only disappoints when the LT is not sufficiently cool enough, and it’s even worse now that the aircon of L26 has broke down again, wonder this time is the zillionth time or what. well as usual, teachers and students complain that remote controls can’t be found, and TAs have confiscated those in the V2x com labs, while those in classrooms are in the hands of the individual classes.

the grass are getting dry and brown everywhere, it’s said that it hasn’t rain for 21 days, i wonder if the reservoirs are drying up.

at night, even though it’s night, my room is pretty warm and I feel sticky and uncomfortable after sitting at my desk for a few hours.

Progress Check

Colin has not done physics tutorials since school started. Colin has been lagging in maths. Colin has not done much econs tutorials either. As for computing,…Colin has not found energy and time to do the OOP.

Today, Colin failed all the the 3 stations of the NAPFA mock test (again). Mr. Tan said some things to Colin, something like: It’s your body and your health. If you do not wish to train for your own health, then I can’t do anything for you. Actually, it’s not as if Colin isn’t concerned about his health and fitness. Sometimes, it’s psychological. Sometimes, “the spirit is willing but the body is weak”. Sometimes Colin wants to train, but sometimes Colin feels lazy to, sometimes Colin just feel that he’s so lousy, demoralized about himself that he is so fat and unfit and can’t run and can’t do pull-ups and thus shy to show how lousy he is. However, sometimes Colin feels energized, sometimes sometimes. It’s not as if Colin hasn’t passed NAPFA before. The last time he passed was in Sec 3. Sec 4 failed cos of pull-ups. Actually, Colin thinks that after one year of 3rd periods and such, it’s still the same. What a shame.

These few days, Colin was quite sleepy, so much so that he almost dozed off in class. Sleepiness causes Colin to write weird and ugly handwriting onto his tutorials.

As usual, night flies and Colin hasn’t done any work. He probably has no mood to do so after the long day. The night is usually spent on MSN chatting, surfing internet and perhaps blogging. Com’on, whole day of lessons, who would be energized to do work? Hais. Xianx. Then Colin will try to find some form of relaxtion online, and this will drag late into the night. Then Colin will sleep late and feel sleepy the next day. And the cycle repeats. What a bore, what a chore.

Oh well, the cycle repeats again.

And recently, Colin has the habit to think about what he wants to write in his blog as things happens. Perhaps Colin needs some other forms of alternatives to internet and msn and stuff.