m y e day 2

yesterday physics was bad (as usual)
a few blanks and couldn’t finish the last long question, and as I didn’t concentrate on year 1 topics, the MCQs were badly done

As for econs, everyone agreed that case study is -_-
while I think my essay won’t be good either…forgot to write examples…

but after these two down, only left computing…yay…haha…

m y e day 1

why do they call it mid year exam for JC1s but common test for JC2s? Got diff meh?

anyway, GP was typically GP, so nothing much to say about it

as for Math, by God’s grace, I was able to answer more questions than usual, as compared to last year. this is good.

“Colin” – Meaning: ‘Ruler of the people’

Just received a magnet thingy from my aunt who bought it in USA:

What’s in a name?

“Colin” – Meaning: ‘Ruler of the people’

He hides his true feelings on occasion. He will tell the truth even when it hurts. When he is not talking, he’s laughing. Some of Colin’s friends are just like him. A mentor will guide him down his career path. With support of many friends he will go far.


it’s pretty interesting what other fellow bloggers are posting…

as seen from tomorrow.sg:
fire at plaza singapura
the way the original authors narrate about the event is very amusing

this is why singapore needs sex education
read the original post in the link, it’s very very funny
(warning: explicit details…)

on another note, this is an interesting bloggers’ site for travellers:
maybe some singaporeans should start one (need 10)

railroad tycoon

I’ve been playing railroad tycoon 3 after finishing wc3 campaigns. haha it’s so fun to build your own railways, tracks, and trains, in a stimulated environment of macro-economics with bonds, shares and stocks. the graphics pretty cool too, in full 3D and it’s nice to see and follow the trains moving around =p

hmm it’s less than 1 week to exams and I still seem quite relaxed eh? well been trying to study during the day and play during the night…still got a lot to cover though…

sonicfest coming…should I volunteer as crew? gonna be interesting
and it’s one week before FOP…gonna be an exciting 2 weeks…

Under No Roof

Okay this is like a few days ago…

But anyway, on Saturday, it was Under No Roof, organised by Habitat For Humanity. Tanjong Pajar MRT was quasi transformed into an “illegal” gathering of VJC people and other schools, so much so that the female toilet had a queue of people changing to the UNR tees, while the station control personnel had to announce to request people to keep off the fare gates.

Well, my friends who participated with me (actually I think I was the one who persuaded them to join initially), detested the selling of the wrist bands a lot (I think it’s a clever strategy to make people sell bands and raise funds though I don’t quite like doing it, almost like begging for money), and we were like…we won’t want to win the competition as we won’t want to go Sri Lanka and build houses (that’s the first prize btw…)

The first part of the event of the day was an Amazing Race of sorts. We were confiscated of all our belongings before we proceed. Our first station was to find a park wiith a clue from a jigsaw of some picture, then we are supposed to go Kreta Ayer and collect as many newspapers as we can. smart eh? incorporate CIP into this. The moral of the story is, many people in less developed countries go through day-by-day working very hard, but in the end they got very little out of it, just like how we spent so much time collecting newspapers but only got a little. (some people managed to get a lot tho…) after that we had to spend some time threading beads, 3 strands in fact, in which vic actually managed to do it faster than the girls did! lol

2nd station was some Govt-related clue which we thought was at parliament house. but we decided to call the helpline and the clue given was Speakers’ Corner. So we walked there, the furthest station of all, and it’s the stoning station! We are supposed to be blindfold ourselves and knee/squat (cannot sit, cannot do japanese-style kneeing) for a solid 30 minutes! And so I kneeled and treated it like a prayer/worship session, which I talked to God and sang some songs in my head, kneeing on the grass patch under the hot scrotching afternoon sun. The moral of the story is people in other countries spend hours toiling under the sun just to work and worry about the next meal.

After that was lunch back at bestway building, which was plain bread (2 pieces), plain biscuits, bananas, and a loaf of delifrance bread to share (I’m surprised that they actually got delifrance).

After lunch, we went to our last station, at Duxton Plain Park, in which we are supposed to find (read: dig) for green beans in a patch of grass. it was difficult as the green camouflaged with the grass, but I managed to find one. In return, we were given cardboard coupons so that we can collect at the “ministry of housing” for our house building later. The moral of the story is that some people in developing countries e.g. The Smokey Mountain in Philippines look through garage to find “treasure” which is very difficult and tedious.

We were one of the few teams which finished the race earlier and hence we started building our “house” with cardboards, masking tape, newspapers and lots of sticks and branches collected along the way. We discussed and decided to build 4 pillars, which were initally quite unstable, and put cardboard as our roof. I then realised that my design won’t work, the cardboard would fall. Then we decided to build a cross framework of sorts to hold the cardboard as the roof, while the rest went to find more branches to build the framework. At the end, we manage to put 2 pieces of cardboard as our roof, with support pillar in the centre and lots of extra sticks to support the pillars, as well as standing cardboards as “walls”. In the end, it turned out not bad, and everyone could go inside and sit. The house was pretty stable considering that the pillars or cardboards didn’t topple. Our facilitators Lynnette and Nadia said we did a pretty good job. Lynnette even bended a “table” out of a cardboard box and said it’s for “alfresco dining”…The judges were quite pleased too, though there were some better houses which were quite cool, including my classmates’ group.

At the end, all of us had a good experience, we actually built a house! During the prize giving, the 2nd and 3rd got some token prizes, while the 1st prize, when the emcee announced thirty——, we were all shocked and some of us hoped it isn’t our group, lol (since when in competitions that you really wish you won’t want to win?), and it’s not our team number. another team gets return tickets to Sri Lanka sponsored by Cathay Pacific. Actually, I think the team going will have a wonderful experience, as much as they want or don’t want to go.


it’s the end of the 2nd week of the holidays and my studying progress isn’t anywhere near halfway. in fact, it barely started. hais…

so far the 1st 2 weeks have been quite productive, though not in terms of studies…

LOST is a great movie-like drama series, go watch every thursday 10pm

holidays – my young’s brownies!

hmm today’s the third day of the holidays…monday I was packing my stuff and filing papers, tuesday went to school to do some video stuff, today was an interesting day

morning I went marketing with my mum (who else still goes marketing with mum at 18 years old? well, I do), and I decided to try out mr young’s brownies recipe from the jotterbook today, so off we went and buy the baking ingredients, from a speciality provision shop, Phoon Huat, though can’t find the “sweet ground cocoa”, hence we just bought normal cocoa powder.

after coming home, after helping my mum to vacuum the house (who else helps in household chores? well, I do,…but not really that often…lazy colin…), and when my mum was free in the afternoon, we decided to start baking brownies. It was quite interesting, first time for both of us, hence we were quite clueless if the things we doing according to the recipe’s steps were correct. nevertheless, I continued and stirred the interesting mixture which soon turned into dark brown chocolate, and adding some chips and walnuts, it really look like chocolate. it tasted sweet. after pouring the mixture into a pan, we baked it in the oven for about 25 minutes. The whole process took about an hour including preparation.

Ah, it’s done, the whole kitchen and house is filled with the smell of chocolate! lol. it was very cool. dark brown hot cake in the pan…one bite…wow very nice. haha. usual brownies taste, very sweet, (my mum didn’t like cos it’s TOO sweet for her), but nevertheless it was good! hahaha…yay success! next time I shall try doing it again….

after that, we decicded to visit the polyclinic cos there’s some minor fungal infection on my feet which refuses to go off after so long, after 2 previous visits to the doctor. the doctor gave anti-septic wash and anti-fungal cream.

I then went swimming which was just opposite the polyclinic. I realised that I haven’t swam for a LONG time, the stamina I had last time was gone. I hope to try exercising regularly this holidays…including running and other stuff to train for my napfa…

PC Show tomorrow…

where’s colin’s camera?

my friend says:
my friend says:
my friend says:
my friend says:
my friend says:
we were like WHERE IS COLIN”S CAMERA!!!

3 of my classmates went night cycling from east coast to bishan
didn’t go cos I was a bit lazy and didn’t want to spoil my body clock…haha…