I wanted to post a lot of things but no time to post. I’m trying to sleep earlier nowadays. Nowadays seem to be busy with a lot of other things like computing, tutorials, everything else but not revision. sigh.

m y e results

well results were quite bad…than what I expected
Failed physics (again), just passed economics (yea yea whatever), C for Maths, B for computing.

Time is running out. Prelims in 5 weeks, A Levels in less than 3 months. I know I must work super hard if I want to achieve. But it’s easy to say, difficult to do. sigh. Sometimes, it’s like, after you go home, do tutorials, no time to do another things already. Then sometimes also have to practice for computing coursework. Sometimes it’s plain tiredness. Plus other distractions. Yea, excuses, whatever.

My Physics has be bad since the beginning of last year. Econs was good last year but perhaps macro topics are more difficult. At least I improved a bit for Maths.

So I look to you, so I look to you…
No one else will do, no one else will do…


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The Law of Ability

1. Ability is the power, skills or resources to accomplish something.
2. Life distributes to everyone according to his or her ability.
3. God expects you to raise the level of your ability.
4. Ability is increased by use.
5. Your ability always grows to the level of your DREAM.
6. Inability has more to do with a *bad attitude*.
7. With ability comes higher responsibility.
8. As ability increases, so does the attraction of opportunity.
9. Ability attracts ability.
10. Your ability is hindered by the company you keep.

VIP Open House

It’s the time of the year again. I still remember the little fun we had last year in the imagineering studio showcasing Tablet PCs and Video stuff. This year was the juniors’ show, and I helped out a bit for the RoamCam so that they can do it themselves next time. Was having a bit of problems though, hence wasted a bit of time and stayed back a little later.

Nevertheless, it was fun to stay around and be part of the open house, both on Friday and Saturday, especially joining in the mass dance, after so long. It was a little amusing though, cos the J1s led the mass dance wrongly for a bit (!). And the VIP-ers are not that good in mass dancing, yet, I think. However, I must say that it was a good open house in all. Everyone did a good job, and there was some finger food provided this time too. No doubt that this year’s open house was more “happening” than last year’s.

Actually, I came back on Saturday to do some video thing, like a news report. But lacked preparation for it and hence didn’t do it.

On a side note, it is obvious that the college places a large emphasis to market the VIP, including the over-sized giant banner at the V-block, rushing renovations in time for Open House (last year was the hub and concourse, this year was the general office?). And that tall 2-storey new silver “monument” at the front gate looks kinda out of place though. When I walked in to school on friday, I was like…what?! It’s not as if our school’s building matches the looks of it. Ironically, the brick walls at the sides of it are pretty low *hint hint*…….

thy sons are we

On Friday morning, I wasn’t at assembly due to computing coursework. Hence I missed out on the hype. but anyway, I heard it from my friends soon afterwards that mrs chan had said she wanted to change the lyrics of the Victorian anthem to something else as that line was too “sexist”. And she said mr robert yeo suggested “thy kids are we”…cough cough.

Much as already been said by my peers over at vjc’s moblog. So I don’t have much else to add on. Other than the fact that I’m quite confident VEC/VAC/OVA won’t allow her to change it. Unless there’s a confirm+chop that it’s going to be changed (which I’ll oppose if that’s the case), I guess it’d just be a matter in which people get hyped up about it for a while, then people will forget about it. It’s not that I’m not against for it to be changed, just that I’m quite sure it won’t be, given current circumstances. Maybe mrs chan was just purposely creating some hype. haha.

Thy sons are we, and we will not forget.

And it shall remain as so.

NS Medical Checkup

On Thursday, I went for NS medical checkup with a few of my classmates. We were there early, one of the first to be served, but still a bit of delay. Nevertheless, glad we came early, cos later need to queue longer. Firstly, the X-ray revealed that my heart was on the right side, which I knew all along (but didn’t go for any checkup since young.) Later, the ECG thingy which checks heartbeat had to be done in a reverse direction, and it took some time cos the person didn’t know how to do it for a “abnormal” case. haha. At the end, the doctor said he’d send me for additional checkup, which involves a lung capacity test (blowing into a gadget), and a hospital appointment a month later. And thus, I am temporarily graded PES D pending. PES D is for those who need additional checkup before confirming PES status.

The computerised test was quite interesting and brain-consuming. Lots of maths questions, can’t use calculator, and some gears and balancing (physics), and some about imagining rotating a picture (supposedly to test if you’re a pilot-type), and have to do a long MCQ shading survey on SAF/NE/SG. This one was a bit ridiculous, cos ask some questions about SAF which we don’t know yet since we aren’t even in NS yet.

We had lunch at McDonald’s, and my friend, who just bought an ipod, was listening while eating. pls lah, can have lunch properly or not? Ever since he got his ipod, he’s been listening everywhere, the short period of time before lessons start, mealtimes etc. My other friend was commenting, see Colin has so many gadgets also never show off, you got an ipod then show off so much. Lol. Actually I don’t have much gadgets now.

Anyway, I went back after lunch for the lung capacity test. Then went out to watch Initial D. Nice show, a bit long-winded though.

Love your work, Love your life

Steve Jobs says…

…You’ve got to find what you love, and that is as true for work as it is for your lovers.

Your work is going fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, and don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it, and like any great relationship it just gets better and better as they years roll on.

So keep looking, Don’t settle.

The Liveliness Of Life

Yesterday was youth day. Ok probably a day to “de-stress” by not doing anything specific, though not the best thing that I’d prefer to do.

Was out at sentosa with my church friends…actually ashish wanted to organise a class outing there, but due to low response, it was called off. So coincidentally, my dylan, louis, they all wanted to go, and so I went…hmm it’s weird to see Sentosa without a monorail…they should keep it for history’s sake. Anyway, we decided to spend our day at Sunset Bay off Siliso Beach, where a $5 payment allows one to play beach volleyball, soccer, canoe, pool and table soccer. So we decided to play beach volleyball for an hour plus. After that we had a snack before going for a short canoeing in the little space of waters between sentosa and a little isle off coast. it was really small lah. but when a boat passes by, the waves are pretty strong. hmm when was the last time I did this? probably about 6-7 months ago in Ausatralia…

After that, we played a bit of soccer on the beach, and while waiting for chris to come, we just slacked around and sat under the tree and do nothing. Somehow, I feel restless after a while, and started to walk around. Wanted to go to sky tower but didn’t go in the end. Actually I’d prefer to have spent the evening watching War Of The Worlds or something. That’d be more “productive”.

After playing a game of table soccer, we left the island and ate good food at the hawker centre at harbourfront. come to think of it, hawker centres are getting extinct very soon. they have stopped building them in new HDB estates like Sengkang/Punggol. So only left these good old ones at good old estates to enjoy.

After that went home, and I realised that I’ve been barbequed by the sun. Was red and brown. Didn’t bother to put any lotion before while the rest of them were, cos I thought it was ok…hmm. haha. But nvm, seldom have the chance to experience this. lol. now my face still feeling scorchy and warm. But it was nice to busk in the glory of the sun though…haha.

All in all, it was an interesting day, though I’d spend half of it otherwise if I had a choice, but nevermind. The 3 days holiday passed so fast. I realised that I didn’t really do anything relaxing other than today. Sigh, and school starts. Back to routine, and I seriously don’t want to start doing tutorials…sigh. I got a hundred and one other things to do and enjoy.

Sometimes, I read other people’s blog and admire how they spent their holidays and thought how I wished I could have did those or join them in doing those.

I need a life.

Correction: I have life, and life abundantly. I just need a more lively life.