Farewell, VJC

And so, today is the day. It seems like VJC has caught on a video culture. everyone’s doing video, other than iCOMP, there’s SC, house comm and others. (partly thanks to me? lol.) mrs chan’s presentation was quite entertaining, and I must say mr domch and mr tang did a great job on the comic-like thing, along with some of the photos I supplied =). icomp video isn’t really that fantastic, though it does its job. then there were other assorted performances, including a female chinese singer which isn’t good at all, a drinking competition which made some teachers and students puke, a band which has good instruments but a lousy vocalist (why is it always like that?!), amongst other things. I think the most entertaining one was my batch’s house comm mini skit and shyam’s solo performance. the house comm really cracked us up with their puns on harry potter, VJC stuff like the canteen and 3-house and petrol kiosk, CCA drafts, results, prelims and what-not. it was really funny.

then it was victorian anthem. and then what? not mass dance. some anti-climax announcements. some collection of souvenirs by ct reps. some shouts of I want You were heard unentertained. some more announcements. meanwhile people started exiting the hall, including my classmates. then someone shouted into the mic and said hold on, after the collection of the souvenirs the mass dance will being. by that time, only a faithful 1/4 of the school population was left in the hall and we did a pathetic whiney whiney. then I left cos I can’t stand it. sigh. what a fiasco timing of the mass dance. this is not the first time mass dance screwed up. the last time was a wrong starting song – friendship – which chased everyone away. PA Crew and SC: wake up! If this continues, I forsee mass dance enthusiasm will decline in the next few years. I hope not.

Anyway, after that went back to class. On the way, kin was telling me that it feels different. I agree. It somehow felt different from VS. At least I felt sad while watching the powerpoint in VS. But now, it is sad that I don’t feel sad at all (how ironic). But the sad part only came later during CT, after we ate our ice cream, in which mrs koh contributed her words of wisedom, and some of us had “speeches” about our experiences in VJ and our thoughts. It was really good to share with the class like this. I said to the class: the other day I was looking at some of our photos from day 1 till now. Some of us changed a lot, changed our hairstyles, the way we look, but some of us didn’t change. But in every way, we all have grown in the 2 years, and I hope that we bring back something and learnt something.

After that, my class guys went play LAN which I didn’t join, while I went to eat carl’s jr. which fantastic. It’s expensive, large-serving but worth it. The Beef Chilli Cheese Fries is a must-try. It’s different from KFC/Taco Bell’s. Much tastier.

Past few days haven’t been really studying…been busy helping out a little with VJC website especially the front page flash, and also editing and printing photos for my classmates and my friends. And I wanted to print some wordsa the back of the paper, but I realised that it didn’t dry. So I left it there over night, but it still didn’t dry. As I was rushing for school, I accidentally stacked them, alas, I stained the glossy part of the photo paper with the black ink. Grr…so sad all spoilt. Need to reprint. How careless of me. Should have known that those backs of glossy paper from photo shop are too smooth to absorb printer ink. sigh.

Tomorow is open house. Catch the breeze.


Oh ya, I just received my PES status notification letter recently. It’s PES C9 L2. Thank God for the deformed chest =)

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