one week past, 2 more weeks to go

finally, the first week of self-study. it seems that suddenly we’re doing a lot of computing, which seems to be taking up a lot of my studying time. and hence I had less time for other subjects. cos have to prepare exercises for the remedial and that’s good. finally we are doing some productive stuff for computing after eons.

econs S took up 2 afternoons! and still havn’t finished going through the questions yet. and mr cook haven’t marked some of the scripts, including mine. aiyo. but I realised I did the questions that we are supposed to choose, not those that he didn’t want us to do. it was quite entertaining though. mr. cook was quite funny. he ask us to bug the movie distributers by calling them to bring in some movie so that he can watch before christmas. he say he’d post the contact on blackboard and ask us all to bug them. then he started playing with some toy figure on his keychain and put on the OHP, and say: this person’s a window cleaner. so he moves it and try to “clean” the transparency ink, as if “cleaning” “the window”. lol. and then he used the analogy of promiscuity of people who mention Keynesian and Classical theories here and there, all over the place, without mentioning if it’s K or C, as if in a few lines you “sleep” with K, then in the next few lines you “sleep” with C, and so on. haha. what an analogy.

and then it seems that my junior class has become semi-PRs of V26, often coming there to do PW and use the computer for various purposes, especially the girls, thanks to the high proportion of the guys in iCOMP. haha.

went running this morning, realised that quite a number of people jog too. and coincidentally met kash.

today managed to get the photos ready. found out that the laser printer ink will stick on the back of the smooth glossy paper (unlike my bubble jet ink), and printed the messages, and gave them out to a few of my friends and classmates whom I met. haha ym and nl were so excited, and saying the photos were very nice, and they wanted to look at everyone’s first 3 months photos in the photos. wx and kx said very pro, managed to do such a nice thing in such a short time.

anyway, just received my enlistment too. it’s 21 APRIL!!! Yes, that’s very very far away. gonna find some job attachment or something. the architecture one looks interesting, besides, I’d like to try something new/different. mediacorp is so stingy, only $10/day, who want?
Oh, also found out that J.Low also same timing as me, and coincidentally, jun gang, my primary school friend, too! what a small world. PES C people unite! =p

Somewhat feeling very happy today. I realise that there’s a common thing among us. We enjoy giving things to others, especially to show our care and appreciation. It’s more blessed to give than to receive.

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