What confronts us and what follows us

We do not have the power to control what confronts us, but we have the power to control what follows us.

If we have a situation, in this case A Levels, are we going to let anxiety and nervousness follow us? Or are we going to let peace and goodness follow us?


Was a bit in the dilemma if a later enlistment date is better, or should I make it earlier? So, some people prompted me to email miw and ask, and this was the reply: “Please be informed that your enlistment date is based on your PES status, therefore you would need to proceed to CMPB and clarify with the Officer if you can join an earlier intake.”

Well I suppose that confirms it then. Not worth the trouble. Besides, I can find a job and enjoy some fun too. Just that other people come out earlier than me. Was worried about uni admission stuff also but then it isn’t really affected. Guess I was just thinking that being together with most of everyone else would be better, then again, perhaps I’ve got some purpose to be in the april unit, perhaps God wants me to meet some people during the april enlistment, perhaps the four months before the enlistment are going to be fruitful.