A Levels – Final Week

Today is the final paper – Economics S!
Didn’t really spend a lot of time preparing for it, not much energy left to do so. briefly read through some stuff, surfed some links, and found out lots of stuff on wiki, it can be my textbook! lol. the questions were quite okay, just that didn’t expect a mini-case-study-like stimulus in many of them. and mr. cook spotted some of the questions pretty well. thus we were quite happy. and thus I used his advice and tried to put as much S level stuff as I could in every essay, hope it’s enough.

(O Levels wasn’t the true freedom.)

A Levels – Week 3

This week, only computing paper 2, which I had one week to study, but effectively, I only studied on Monday and Tuesday in school. The rest of the days were more or less slacking, as if exams are over. suddenly, it’s so xian to study for computing. Actually, not ‘suddenly’, it has always been…

Anyway, the paper was quite interesting, cos all the things that we expected to come out didn’t come out, such as data flow diagrams, decision tables, etc. all the things that we prepared hard for in the last few weeks leading to the exams. There was no sorting/searching algorithms, no drawing of hashing table, and some topics were not tested as vigorous as what we thought they’d be. Thus, it was quite relatively not so difficult as compared than previous years. Looks like the standard of both paper 1 and 2 is not quite the same as previous years, in contrast with the other subjects.

All in all, everyone was glad after the paper ended. Thought I could not finish on time, stumbled at bit in the algo questions, but it was alright. We went to eat at mcdonalds’, and some of them went to play LAN.

One more left…Economics S on monday, tho I think I don’t have much mood left to study for it. haha.

these few days weather very cool, feels like Laos. It’s 25 degrees in my room without the aircon on. Hasn’t been like this for eons.

A Levels – Week 2

The much awaited super crammed week 2 is here and over. Hurray! Cheers from those who take 3 sub and their exams are over.

Physics 1 on Monday was quite okay, a few repeated questions from previous year, and some weird questions, and one magnetic emf question which I thought the graph was wrong. Physics 2 was a little tough but still do-able. Economics 3 on Tuesday was very interesting…first time I have so many macro questions to choose from! I was almost spoilt for choice. After writing 3 essays, I felt like I was writing the same few things in the essays. haha. hope I didn’t write wrong things. Physics 3 on Tuesday was quite average, some questions difficult, a number of graphs to sketch, but the fluids questions were quite give-away, very standard stuff, just that the description of experiment only 4 marks, but I write one page! Economics 1 was fine, maybe tougher than previous years and some strange questions. Economics 2 was set very smart, cos they combined two topics which I spotted into one DRQ – trade & wage. But the case study was quite an interesting topic – consumer revolution. More macro! Macro rawks!! haha. There were more question parts to the case study though, a good difference from previous year, at least we know what to focus writing on. I wrote a lot for this paper, more than what I did in prelims. Hope that I didn’t write too much.

Praise God for only 2 papers left! One week to study computing…hmm…today shall slack a bit. Finally all the main subjects are over and can throw away all the information in my head and the files on my shelf…

Does it feel the same?

Somehow, A Levels felt somewhat different from O Levels. Looking back at what I typed two years ago during the O Levels period, it’s quite interesting…although I hoped I could have typed more and remembered more…

So the O Levels are finally here. I shall give in my all in all for the Glory of God. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I’m worried for some of the subjects, such as Social Studies, and somehow I (still) feel that I have not studied enough. Sometimes I always have this (bad) habit of looking back at how I spent the past few days and regretting how I wasted time. But, I must live for the future, redeem as much time as possible (as said in Pastor William Lee’s message in the bulletin today), as time is like money in a bank which is taken away every night, while given another 24 hours again the next day. So now, I’ll try to use as much time as I can for the next 16 days or so, especially for the papers further away. Hope I can do well, at least I won’t regret. I can trust in God.

I trusted in God, and here I am, taking the A Levels, two years later.
Perhaps I’m feeling about the same. Who doesn’t worry? But we are not supposed to worry, for each day has enough troubles of its own. What the use of pondering over the papers which have already past, which you can’t do anything about them? What’s the use of saying “I could have done this and that” when it’s already over? I think I’m more forward-looking now, feeling quite relaxed, looking forward for the next few days to pass, and of course God is still great. I know my future is going to be more exciting.

A Levels – Week 1

Finally, the first week is over. Maths Paper 1 was quite difficult, especially the last few questions which were quite challenging. They test some hexagon-pyramid 3D trigo, and some other not so usual functions and stuff. Maths Paper 2 was relatively easier than Paper 1, but was still as challenging. The questions were asked in an unusual way, though still do-able. As for computing, it was pretty okay, since most of it was book-work, just have to vomit and crap out everything. It seems that our teachers spotted the right questions, and the strategy of last minute exposing us to a variety of questions worked. hahaha. Today was GP, wrote about slowing down the pace of life. As for compre, it was pretty weird, as only one passage, and the AQ question wasn’t about Singapore. Very scary.

But the invigilator for GP is a funny guy. He’s an indian teacher from MJC who teaches GP I think. At first I thought he was very strict, giving strict reminders like no handphones, remember to do this and that, in a very stern voice. But as it turns out, he’s quite kind and funny. He was nice enough to let us have a peek at the questions, or “clues”, before the paper officially started. I think he loves Amazing Race, at 0800, he said, “Let the Amazing Race begin!” Lol. and everyone had a laugh before beginning the paper. As for paper 2, he said “Let the race to the pit stop begin!” hahaha.

But anyway, I’m glad that the first week is finally over. Thank God for granting me wisdom throughout. Physics and Econs more to go next week…then I have a short break before Computing Paper 2…can’t wait for the next 5 days to pass, then my burdens are lifted.

Yay, no more serious maths for the rest of my life! And no more GP! cheerios

Haha shuyar very funny. when I passed her the photo before maths (cos didn’t see her the past few weeks), she asked, why are you so nice? The people around her said, what a question to ask, nice cannot meh? lol. Then she said, you so nice sure can get A one……