Does it feel the same?

Somehow, A Levels felt somewhat different from O Levels. Looking back at what I typed two years ago during the O Levels period, it’s quite interesting…although I hoped I could have typed more and remembered more…

So the O Levels are finally here. I shall give in my all in all for the Glory of God. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I’m worried for some of the subjects, such as Social Studies, and somehow I (still) feel that I have not studied enough. Sometimes I always have this (bad) habit of looking back at how I spent the past few days and regretting how I wasted time. But, I must live for the future, redeem as much time as possible (as said in Pastor William Lee’s message in the bulletin today), as time is like money in a bank which is taken away every night, while given another 24 hours again the next day. So now, I’ll try to use as much time as I can for the next 16 days or so, especially for the papers further away. Hope I can do well, at least I won’t regret. I can trust in God.

I trusted in God, and here I am, taking the A Levels, two years later.
Perhaps I’m feeling about the same. Who doesn’t worry? But we are not supposed to worry, for each day has enough troubles of its own. What the use of pondering over the papers which have already past, which you can’t do anything about them? What’s the use of saying “I could have done this and that” when it’s already over? I think I’m more forward-looking now, feeling quite relaxed, looking forward for the next few days to pass, and of course God is still great. I know my future is going to be more exciting.