A Levels – Week 2

The much awaited super crammed week 2 is here and over. Hurray! Cheers from those who take 3 sub and their exams are over.

Physics 1 on Monday was quite okay, a few repeated questions from previous year, and some weird questions, and one magnetic emf question which I thought the graph was wrong. Physics 2 was a little tough but still do-able. Economics 3 on Tuesday was very interesting…first time I have so many macro questions to choose from! I was almost spoilt for choice. After writing 3 essays, I felt like I was writing the same few things in the essays. haha. hope I didn’t write wrong things. Physics 3 on Tuesday was quite average, some questions difficult, a number of graphs to sketch, but the fluids questions were quite give-away, very standard stuff, just that the description of experiment only 4 marks, but I write one page! Economics 1 was fine, maybe tougher than previous years and some strange questions. Economics 2 was set very smart, cos they combined two topics which I spotted into one DRQ – trade & wage. But the case study was quite an interesting topic – consumer revolution. More macro! Macro rawks!! haha. There were more question parts to the case study though, a good difference from previous year, at least we know what to focus writing on. I wrote a lot for this paper, more than what I did in prelims. Hope that I didn’t write too much.

Praise God for only 2 papers left! One week to study computing…hmm…today shall slack a bit. Finally all the main subjects are over and can throw away all the information in my head and the files on my shelf…

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