A Levels – Week 3

This week, only computing paper 2, which I had one week to study, but effectively, I only studied on Monday and Tuesday in school. The rest of the days were more or less slacking, as if exams are over. suddenly, it’s so xian to study for computing. Actually, not ‘suddenly’, it has always been…

Anyway, the paper was quite interesting, cos all the things that we expected to come out didn’t come out, such as data flow diagrams, decision tables, etc. all the things that we prepared hard for in the last few weeks leading to the exams. There was no sorting/searching algorithms, no drawing of hashing table, and some topics were not tested as vigorous as what we thought they’d be. Thus, it was quite relatively not so difficult as compared than previous years. Looks like the standard of both paper 1 and 2 is not quite the same as previous years, in contrast with the other subjects.

All in all, everyone was glad after the paper ended. Thought I could not finish on time, stumbled at bit in the algo questions, but it was alright. We went to eat at mcdonalds’, and some of them went to play LAN.

One more left…Economics S on monday, tho I think I don’t have much mood left to study for it. haha.

these few days weather very cool, feels like Laos. It’s 25 degrees in my room without the aircon on. Hasn’t been like this for eons.