IT Club Camp

Just back from IT Club camp, went for the first night after I settled some stuff in VJC, and they did some field cooking, then I went home and came again on the second night.

Broke record, for I stayed up till 6am and woke up at 9am this morning, and am still awake. Cos we finished nightwalk at 4.30am (broke another record), and I played a free-for-all Generals game with richie and ivan before we slept. I got thrashed by richie, and ivan too. hahaha.

On the second day, when I went there, it was almost dinner time, and they starting to prepare the BBQ. There wasn’t enough food, so me richie and mr you went marine terrace to buy. After that was a simple talent night, and since such a small group with only 3 watches of They threw and one landed into the leaves of a small short tree. Just at that particular moment, I walked out of the D&T corridor towards the rubbish chute area, where they were, on the fire engine road. I was curious why they were squatting down, and when I went nearer, they realised it was me and they stood up. Guess what? They thought that they had disturbed some tree spirits when they threw the lightstick (cos derick told them to beware of trees), and when they heard my footsteps, they were afraid and squatted down and buried their heads in their hands, and (they said) they were saying sorry sorry to the tree. LOL LOL!!! I’m very amused by this, and told them it’s just a tree. The next morning, I asked them if they have removed the lightstick, they say just leave it there lah. lol.

The next day was just a leisurely walk to McDonalds’ for breakfast, clearing up and debriefing. They went D&T lab after debriefing, so that I show them a page from the past – photos of us back in old VS, from hozefa’s first ipwdc, previous camps etc. until now. (Actually, it was already showed during last year’s camp.) After that, I showed current – icomp videos: teachers’ day, special effects, I want you mass dance, open house promo, sea carnival, dota video….6 in total. Haha. Actually only planned to show the first one, but they kept asking for more, so I show lor. Good promotion for VJC and iCOMP. hehe. Ms Yap (a new IT Club teacher i/c) was interested in our videos and what we do in VJC, cos she’s an Art teacher, and they are going to do some video stuff soon. She showed me their new media lab and studio (replacing the GEP rooms), which is very very cool, more zai then what VJ has…Mac G5s, nice widescreens, nice environment, soundproof studio, photo studio, chroma screen etc. woah…you go in, it gives you the ‘wow’ feeling. maybe next time VJC and VS can collaborate and develop our video culture =)

We ended at about 3.30pm after all the packing up and all, and we had nice anthem and cheer (uh they wanted to ‘salute’ the projector (imaginery flag in the middle) but i told them not to. lol), and luckily the cheer didn’t break off halfway.

It was a good experience, bringing back all the fond memories and goosebumps of camping in VS again, along with the feeling of being with people whom you have worked with for years in the past. A lot of flashbacks of the good ol’ days in Geylang Bahru and also in Siglap Link. Maybe we should make a short film (about ghosts? hmm maybe too taboo) in (old?) VS. I wished I came for the daytime activities so that I can know the juniors better. But thanks to waiting for josh, I had to come later.

Well, there’s always another camp to come next year. Till then, should I join the Board of Advisors (BOA)?

current things and about biz

Just came back from bangkok a few days ago, been pretty busy and such, and thinking of migrating to WordPress, along with a proper website/portfolio, and I think I won’t post much nowadays.

I think Biz Club hates me.
You know the victoria billabong-style t-shirt design, also termed victorillabong, they selling the t-shirts with 2 other designs next year. The other 2 designers are fine with lump sum payment, I was the only one (being more entrepreneurship and business minded) who asked for % of profits. Then they have been pondering about it over the past few months, they have been discussing and talking about it (and me) themselves. and then today they called and talked with me. so it seems i have no choice but to give in and guessed what’s the payment? $50.
it’d be the same for the other two designers. Heard they giving part of the proceeds to school, SC, and also to charity, and much of it (supposedly) will go to the building of the new facilities.

Am I too money-minded by asking for a %? I hope not. It’s only reasonable. Well, I’ll just take it as a service to VJC. I told them that if they want to sell to VS (which they intend to), it will be a separate payment.

If Biz Club finds it too troublesome to give %, maybe I can ask iCOMP to produce and sell, and let there be some competition. That’d be fun. Throw in some economics analysis – price and non-price competition too. hahaha.

Or maybe I can start selling to VS myself…

SDD 2005 – The last chapter of my JC life

The afternoon started off with rushing off from my part-time a-few-days data entry job, which involved typing data into forms and Excel for Galileo, a “technology solutions leader” for travel agencies. (actually it was not really a good technology solution, since it requires so much data work by us…) It was a tedious but simple job, with a pretty high pay, recommended by wx. and thanks to wx, I was pretty stressed out these few days due to another web design project for AFC, and thus I seemed busier than in school, with work in the daytime and more work in the nighttime…

Anyway, I rushed home to bathe and change, and was trying to tie my tie before I rushed off in a cab so that I can pass Ivan some video cables for home to show some live video on the screen. Alas, he didn’t have the the other part of the cable, hence no use, thus use RoamCam which in the end only show for a while.

Anyway, it was very early when I reached, about 5.45pm, so I installed VideoLAN on the laptops, and then walked around before more people came at 6.30pm. Slowly, the crowd filled up the reception area, and everyone started taking lots of photos, while I was just walking around doing nothing. I felt weird cos I wasn’t doing what everyone was doing – everyone were taking photos and talking and having fun, while I seem to be alone and “outcasted” (sad eh?). domch asked me to take some photos of people taking care of their looks and/or people interacting, but in the end I didn’t have the inspiration to take any photos. In the first place, my camera was pretty empty at the beginning cos not many people were taking photos with me.

Soon more people came, I finally began to take some photos with some people, we took a computing photo, and jr was late cos he went to carlton hotel instead of rlitz carlton, and then they started chasing people into the ballroom. First there was some introduction, a dance by CJC, some lame games such as swinging your napkin in the air to determine who gets the food first (does it really matter?) and so on and so forth. As for the food, it was only 4 dishes (same as last year), bread and tuna for the first dish, potato mushroom soup for the 2nd dish, smoked fish and mashed potato for the 3rd dish, and a piece of cake for dessert. Yes very little, obviously not worth the $90, and I think the soft drinks made us full, not the food. I remember the 20th anniversary dinner was much much better than this. aha.

Well, the night continued with lots of photo taking till everyone was blinded by flashes all over the place. Throughout the whole evening, there were lots of walking around, myself included, trying to find people to take photos, think it was more of me looking for people tha people looking for me. We took a few icomp photos, econs S photo, and some other assorted ones. I asked some VS 4D people if we should take a class photo, but they like didn’t really bother. I propose to ask the emcee make announcement, but guessed no one bothered.

Well, the night went past, there was a lucky draw, pageant in which jin yuan and nathaniel won, amongst other things. There was some problems with the SMS voting (as usual), and zm had some hard time trying to mr. yeo for the results, else have to manual. In the midst of that, atiqah say zm and I look like brothers. lol. actually a bit similar, our hair, height, eyes,…

It ended at about 12mn, some clubbed the night away at Indochine in which Derrick of S44 and some seniors organised (to earn some profits from the monopolistic ticket sales), while some left for home. After a photo with my juniors, I went to the hotel room with renfu to take a peek. Lots of people in there, a nice view, and high class everything. What a way to spend the money away. And then I shared cab with jr, while yt and kx went to see stars. ouch says the cab fare.

In the end, there was nothing that’s ‘VJ’ in SDD, no mass dance (rumoured to have a few years ago), no iCOMP video (thanks to my juniors being too busy), no anthem, no cheer, nothing. There was absolutely nothing really worth memorable about the evening to end the chapter of my JC life, except for all the photos and everyone was dressed differently than usual. It wasn’t a graduation night, it was just a “grand photo taking evening”. Perhaps they should change the idea of SDD. You don’t need any fanciful hotel. Just a nice hall, with food or no food (I think people don’t really mind), and people dressed nicely and lots of cameras.

And thus this closes the last chapter of my JC life, albeit not as I wanted it to be like. I think that sometimes, the people you know best may not be your best friends, while the people you know least may not be strangers. What a lonely crowd. I know so many people, yet I don’t know them. Though I’m glad that I’ve the chance to know certain people, but I think that deep friendships ain’t really forged here.

Friends to say ‘Hi’ to, lots (though some refuse to say hi). Friends to hang out with, maybe a few. Friends for life, not sure about that. Maybe you who are reading can tell me.