The Time Has Come

The time has come. Tomorrow is the day of the next phase of my life – national service.
Bye civilian life.

Found love beyond all reason
You gave Your life Your all for me
And called me Yours forever
Caught in the mercy fallout
I found hope found life
Found all I need
You’re all I need

The time has come
To stand for all we believe in
So I for one am gonna
Give my praise to You

Today, Today it’s all or nothing
All the way
The praise goes out to You
Yeah all the praise goes out to You
Today, today I live for one thing
To give You praise
in everything I do
Yeah, all the praise goes out to You

My Extended VJC Life

The past few weeks have been busy! the two weeks after the holidays were pretty mostly spent in VJC. The first week was in school everyday to rush the subjectif magazine, often having lunches with my junior class. at least in school I have people to interact and talk with, else at home quite boring. it was also fun to be in school and live school life again, though it’s kinda different since I’m working on subjectif the whole day. the magazine was finished on friday morning and passed to the printer guy before I went to church to chat with whitley and helped to do YM notice board, bulletin, powerpoint and a short flash video. also helped eddy to do 6 pillar-size posters. these kept me busy for very much of the last week of april. Besides, I have to do the M31 insert for the subjectif magazine.

And oh, had to rush my portfolio, 3 minute video and essay for the NTU art design and media admission. actually i didn’t know whether to put adm or comm studies first choice, and after some chat from parimala, i decided to put adm. this is a backup plan anyway, don’t really like NTU. but no choice lah. the 3 min video was pretty crappy, did it in like 1 day. went out to film at 3+pm without much ideas in my mind except fast forwards, and did some fast forwards of media screens in orchard and concluded that media has a wide audience. frankly it’s quite shabby I think, but not bad for I finished it at 12midnight later in the night, including editing and burning it on a disc and set it out by post on march 31.

speaking about march 31, aka M31 (also aka A1F9 but mrs chan didn’t want anything to do with grades), it was the most happening day in VJC. april fool’s day eve. and hence there were lots of pranks, including the following:
– chinese orchestra played the national anthem
– tamil pledge before english pledge (which cracked everyone up)
– rock band victorian anthem (which has absolutely no melody, tone and rhythm)
– announcement national health board free circumcison service for all males going for NS checkup
– biz club selling lingerie and broccoli
– yellow tape in male toilet with signs “pls mind the gap” and “pls stand behind the yellow line”
– random signs such as DANGER: FALLING OBJECTS. You’d never know when the sky would fall
– signs on *all* LT doors: Please use the other door.
– canteen and concourse furniture messed up by odac.
– ayam brand logo on VJC crest
– 60% off all petrol at the gate monument.
(there was supposed to be fake sloman talk, goalpost in concourse, hurdles along corridor but these were scrapped)

also, subjectif magazine was launched on that day. sales was not very good though. but it was a good start anyway. we had some fake musicfeast 2007 tickets inside and some people thought they were real, and some girls felt cheated as they bought the magazine for the sake of the tickets -_-. there was one guy who wanted to pay $12 for the ticket and almost walked away thinking it was real until we told him and he gave us the finger. haha.

artery was also launched that day with some performances and fanfare. it supposedly a programme to spearhead and promote art related events in vjc.

and another thing that happened on the same day was VS sports day. met up with mr alvin you and mr anuar and had a short but interesting chat. so long never chat with mr anuar, almost forgot how he’s like. it was raining and a boy asked him: Sir can we go? He replied, Sure you can go……to the toilet…..

and of course, how could I miss musicfest in the evening. went in as icomp. saw yeow may and ngee leng. and oh felicia was the GOH. it was interesting and fun. joel kang’s voice blew me away, sounded totally different from his speaking voice. the rest of the performances were pretty good, teachers did a guest performance too.

And that sums up very much my extended vjc life. at least life isn’t so boring with majority of my friends in NS and the rest either working or busy with their own life. 2 weeks left to my own NS. just managed to complete and send the IDA scholarship application two days ago. a bit rush but nevertheless, it’s going to be tough. Let God’s will be done.