Out on a car ride

last thursday, I went out with some of my section mates. We met at plaza sing and went to play dota at parklane. it was my first time dota-ing, but it was not that bad. quite fun actually. we played for 3.5 hours, then stanley drove us to marina bay to meet the others for dinner.

it feels different when going out with friends in an automobile. it’s quite fun actually. and very convenient in fact. I directed stan the route to the marina bay, though I missed a turn and we ended up at the new pier. haha. it was a great dinner, and later ws and stan drove all of us to east coast marina cove. wee sern’s driving skill is kinda reckless, often jerking, and he was playing afool when we drove past stan’s car. apparently they have the same car model, though different colour. and apparently some people were staring. jungang commented that stan looks like a small kid driving a toy car. lol

we kena a jam at sheares bridge, and i was in ws’ car. ws had to pump petrol, so we exited. on the way to marina cove, he made two wrong turns. haha. and lots of jerks. but it was still fun, with music blasting in the car. we had drinks at mccafe and stanley sent some of us home. cool smooth ride.

i shall learn driving when i settle down in my unit.

yesterday night i dreamt that i entered unit and became some “project manager”, which is just a nice name for doing nothing at a service counter (dream on…). the dream continued that i became an admin spec with a few people in the tech service department (dream on…)

it’s been almost a week since i poc-ed. time passes and next week i’m in unit already. last week was spent slacking, going out and busy with joshua and dawn’s wedding flash. this week, i don’t know. i think i may have a boring week ahead, with most of my friends going to church camp.