Fun on Foot

Last saturday, me, vic, yt and kx went for Fun on Foot, organised by National Heritage Board. At first, I thought it was going to be a race in the civic district, like the places we researched for our cyberfair website. little did I know that it is in conjunction with the launch of 2 new trails: Jalan Besar and Balestier. There were a lot of people participating, from kids with parents, students and adults. All in their red tee, like national day.

And hence we started our trek around Jalan Besar at 9am. We were not allowed to take any buses within the area except when to travel to Balestier. The map given to us was somewhat not accurate and not drawn to scale. Luckily a street directory proved helpful. However, we still went to the wrong place for a few times. We walked through kallang bahru, boon keng, towner, petain road (did you ever know that this road exists and used to be a red light district?) and back to jalan besar. There was a church – Holy Trinity Church (Anglican) – that looks like chinese temple architecture, but is actually a church. Most of the questions and answers at the checkpoints were pretty simple and straightforward.

Over at balestier, which was vic’s home ground, we had trouble finding the 2nd checkpoint due to the inaccuracy of their map and the clue given. But we asked another team and they gave us the location. it was so unlike the clue. aiyo so lousy. Down along balestier, walked past the “peanuts office”, and then at the Sun Yat Sen memorial, and then finish point! We finished at 12.10pm, one of the first 20% i guess. it is hard to finish first as there were so many teams. saw some vippers too. but nevertheless, it was a fun walk, probably about 6-8km route.

I don’t watch the world cup.

And so the day came and went. I slept through it. almost.
Went out with chris and louis on sunday night, but I came back in the last train, then I went to sleep.

Suddenly, I heard shouts and screams, apparently cheers of goals I thought. I went to the toilet, then looked at the time – 4.45pm – and then decided to turn on the TV for a peek. Oh, the match ended. All the players running round and cheering. Ah.

Who won? Er…I don’t recognise which jersey is which team. Er, the TV didn’t display any on-screen scores or commentary. Er…
Ah nevermind, turn off the TV and go back to sleep first.

Next morning, check soccernet. ah. chey, won by penalty after draw, where got fun.

And so, world cup is over without any sleepless nights, no losing of money, no changed body clock, no craziness and reading new paper everyday. Although there are still sleepy lesson times. hehe.