A few things

On Sunday, I went New Creation and met Jonathan Yeo at Indoor Stadium. We then had lunch at Suntec City, it was pretty quiet but still had some people, pretty nice since Carl Jr’s and other eating outlets didn’t have much crowd. We ate and chat and catch up with each other. It’s nice to meet up with old friends. I wish there’s a 4D gathering. Actually I want to organise one but it’d be quite tedious to do so.

Taking the bus in and out from Suntec, the fences and decoration were really interesting. Armed uniformed personnel were everywhere. What an interesting sight.

Training’s getting xian and tiring. Daytime always very sleepy. Night time only have a few hours before sleep. Weekends seem to pass fast. The good thing is, as William always says, ORD is drawing closer. lol. still a long way to go lah.

It seems that I have a lot of things to do (again). There’s driving test, studying for SAT, exploring Machinima (just bought “The Movies” game but only played it twice), YM Website, GTC Video, plus helping out in Cosiety. I wonder if I have the time to accomplish so many things. Every night come home, only 3 hours or so before I have to sleep. Weekends pass by very fast too.

Looking forward to VJC open house on 14 oct and the double holidays the week after.

War Zone

Any reference to anything real in this article is entirely coincidental.

In the news: there is war. Base camp has been set up at a convention centre. For security of the base, fences and gates has been set up with strong defences in and around the base perimeters. These fences are at least 3 metres tall, with spikes at the top to deter potential break-throughs. The gates have anti-crash and bomb-proof barricades. Other defences include air patrols, snipers, spies, plainclothes, and more.

The enemy? Imaginery protestors and terrorists. These protestors are very intelligent. Due to the strong defence, they only provoke the enemy miles from the base camp off an island dubbed “the last protest island”. Only certain “wayang” protestors are sent into the base camp to spy and act. The actual action is somewhere else. Local protestors are rare due to the active defence by the base camp. It is said that one local protestor wanted to protest but was stopped by members of the defence force.

Also, the protestors are barred from the roads, to prevent destruction of the beautiful extra flowers and plants planted outside the base perimeters. Besides, the roads have just been recently re-paved and hence it would be unwise to dirty the new roads. It will also be detrimental to the large posters.

This war will last for two weeks, until the meetings in the base camp concludes.