It’s not so bad…

Okay lah, not so bad, for being selected from a probability of 0.004 to do this. can stay out, can work with multi-million dollar equipment, at least can sweat a bit and learn some stuff instead of staying inside aircon and rot, just that it’s very far and it’s very little “pay”.


Anyway, took my SAT on Saturday. It was not too bad, except for vocab as expected, and of course, the essay, which I wrote pretty well for the first half, and then the other half was crap. Well, well…I wonder how I’d score.

It seems that things and projects can never fail to pop up. Just finished the EOYC poster for joice, now have to do the video and other stuff. some more got the 50th AV. and oh, the machinima competition deadline has been extended to two weeks later, so at least not so bad, I can rush something in the next week and submit for fun. hmm…

hmm. is expiring again. it’s been about 3 years since we’ve owned this domain. but there’s been a lot of spam recently in my email. quite irritating. I decided to try google apps for domain, not bad, pretty cool to have a gmail account @ want one?

Going batam on saturday for 1 day tour, and taiwan during my block leave.

Another Email From The Past

(The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on Friday, November 4, 2005, and sent via

Dear FutureMe,

Haha, this was typed on the friday just before your/my A Levels. And so how are you doing, Colin? Still the same? Enjoying NS? Hope that you are doing something meaningful in NS!

How’s your future going to be like? Any scholarship? Where/What are you going to study in university? God is good. Remember to praise God! For I praised God for what he IS going to do in future, i.e. YOU now! (which is me, which is you lah)

Remember to continuing serving God well in church and glorify His Name!

Time flies. It’s been one year since I took my A Levels. Sad, uh?