Thank God for 2006, here comes 2007…

I realised that I was so busy last year (and the year before) that I didn’t write a thanksgiving article at all!

Looking back at 2006, here are some things worth noting:

  • Job Attachment at DDP/AWP, in which I picked up quite a number of skills, and learnt how it was like to work in an architecture company. It was also fun, although tiring at times.
  • VJC Cosiety Launch – My dream project which came true in the form of a blog, along with a printed magazine. Kudos to all who helped in one way or another! I had fun working with the juniors.
  • A Level Results – Praise God for the great results! Although I didn’t expect to do so well, God has greater plans for me. Finally it’s over.
  • Synergiz Conference 2006 – A truly enriching encounter with God through the sermons and worship.
  • BMT – God is great. By His grace I had a great BMT buddy who’s also a christian. and most of the people around me are wonderful. It was a tough yet life changing experience. I don’t mind going through BMT all over again (in a PES C of course!) Life in army has just began
  • FLC vocation – By some weird plan, I’m assigned to be an air force technician. Though stressful and not really what I wanted to do, it is nevertheless interesting at times. Since I’m already posted in tengah, might as well try and do my best.
  • Youth Media Productions – This year, after doing the video for Youth Sunday, I was appointed to be a coordinator in YM productions. And then there was EOYC video and projection work. And the upcoming 50th anniversary video. God is using me and my talents. I pray that I can fulfill His purposes for me in GTC.
  • and of course, various other things and projects like machinima and such. Thank God for good health and protection, the tour in taiwan and great friends around me.

Block Leave & BMW

10 days of no work…

1 day for church’s EOYC – Habitation: Jesus Reigns concert. Was in charge of the multimedia. Josh Tan Jr was doing EasiSlides, Julian on Winamp visualisations, Jon Sim on roaming cam, Andrew on static rear cam, Ben Ang on another roaming cam. Went quite well altho there were a lot of glitches and things that didn’t work during the rehearsals, and my plan didn’t go according to plan (Murphy’s Law…) and had to change plans. Finally managed to integrate visualisations and video in the background of lyrics. There was a slight lag on the computer, almost wanted to bring my com but mine the firewire didn’t work. so too bad. had many other problems, e.g. videocam didn’t have AV IN, or don’t have AV OUT, and some gfx problems with the laptop. but all in all, julian did pretty well in the visualisations, and josh did a good job on easislides. I even had time to take photos. It was a good concert, they recorded it on audio, we recorded it on video. Although I thought it could be longer, there was no encore, and the audience isn’t spontaneous enough imo. Moreover, the sanctuary wasn’t full, wonder where did everyone else go. not as high response as expected.

5 days in Taiwan, Taipei – Went to an old street called Jiu Fen, bought something that looks like a airforce crew keychain for everyone. Spinned a top unsuccessfully 3 times and only managed to spin so on the last try. Went to Tamshui River, Ximending, Shi Lin, Taipei 101 etc. The food was good, the original Shi Lin fried chicken cutlet cost only $2.25! Shopping wasn’t really good cos they all selling winter clothes, plus their prices abt the same as singapore. I also learnt something through a place we went where they promoted heavenly deer…some jade statue thingy. the fortune teller talked abt the 5 chinese elements…not related to religion…blah blah…say I have too much “fire” and no “water”. How can buying a dead pendant change my character and/or my fate? It’s almost like idolising it. We should depend on God. God’s grace is sufficient enough for me. My weakness is made perfect in His grace.

1 day celebrating Mum’s birthday…

1 night of prayer in church from 8pm-1am. My longest time I ever spent on prayer! it was quite tiring but an enriching experience as ps whitley thought us how to pray through the word. some of them even stayed overnight.

1 day resting after night prayer and celebrating Aunt’s birthday. Basically felt very bored today. nobody to go out with. sqn friends went to play badminton but I don’t play so I didn’t go. church friends were not available. other friends? JC class? cca? nah. not as spontaneous as to go out unplanned. sad eh? I wish I can have secondary and JC class gatherings once again. someone organise please!

1 Sunday back in church along with Henry Chong’s Chinese Concert. Raining almost stopped my mum and aunt from going. He had quite a nice voice, and he sang mostly oldies, as the target audience was the elderly and older generation.

1 day for Base Anniversary at Cineleisure. got free hotdogs and nachos! We watched Eragon, not as nice as expected. very fast-forwarded…too short, only 1.5h. jr said it’s like LOTR for dummies. lol. then we went to play LAN – e2max too expensive! $3.50/h thanks to sch holidays. we thought it was $2.50. no wonder the place so empty. everyone boycott them already lah. we decided to go cuppage plaza which is only $1.50. played CS and dota for 2.5h and we ended up skipping lunch! lol. then we split ways, went coffee bean with yuan kang, then walked around, then met cedric for dinner, who promoted some MLM thingy to me…which was very elaborate and too complicated for me.

And then back tomorrow to 140 sqn. Here it comes. No more slack days. No more fixed timings.

And then there’s the BMW as ps watchman said everyone has. BMW = Bus, MRT, Walk. I’m beginning to hate the M. And when it rains, W sucks.

Why Singaporeans hate to take public transport…

  • …because there is no direct route from one place to another
  • …because the bus and train gets squeezy and crowded during peak hours
  • …because the bus comes at irregular intervals
  • …because the train has irritating announcements which repeat until I’m getting insane
  • …because sometimes the bus or train air-con sucks and stinks or isn’t working properly or is stuffy
  • …because it is somewhat expensive for non-salary-earning people
  • …because the TVMobile is pretty noisy (although not exactly for me, I hate the MRT announcements more)
  • …because it takes too long for me to get to work or get home

How I wish I have a car…Mr. Transport Minister…now you see why Singaporeans always want to have cars and car ownership is rising…I think I would go insane if I continue travelling to and from my camp.

And then they were debating about competition between SMRT and SBST. What competition?!?

Sigh, but cars are expensive.
Tough is the word.

Stay in?


Loading bombs was a challenge, but it was fun loading and teaching others to do it after I managed to get the technique right. If wrong technique is used, it would be equivalent to sweating as much as a 2.4km run or similar. Haha.

The new batch of trainees has arrived. Interesting bunch with some rich kids.

One more week to block leave. I’m going to Taiwan. Then there’s sqn anniversary and then I’m going to sqn.
500 plus more days to ORD.
We have no rights, we have no say, and we long to ORD one day.

In the meanwhile, check out Cool shit.

And oh, I got 2030 for my SAT. Yay.