Most Event-packed Weekend

Last weekend over the new year was one of the most happening weekends I had. Christmas wasn’t really as happening (other than YM @ Joshua Tan’s with his students, watching Night At The Museum and going to CHC and saw their Bethlehem drama on christmas day), but I’m glad 2006 ended off on a happy note.

Sqn Anniversary
Friday morning, it was my sqn anniversary at sentosa. we have to pay our own admission fees. but to compensate for that, the food was fabulous…grilled tiger (prawns), satay, curry, salad, and more. plus free drinks and beer though we didn’t drink. before the lunch, there was some team-building games, although it was really beach-related. after some ice-breakers, we had one hour to build a tower using lots of straws, some tape and 3 balloons. as there were only 7 of us from our batch, we had to join the SQCP team, with encik sukh, cpt lai and another person. we worked well together, throwing all our ideas, and managed to build a 1.6m high tower that floated on the sea for 20+ seconds! it broke the record, for the other teams’ towers either toppled immediately or only floated for 6 seconds. It was amazing, I didn’t expect our tower to be so strong. We managed to win a laptop bag and a Takashimaya $10 voucher.

Then the ugly part began. The 24th and 25th NSFs started dunking each other, then targeting US! They caught keith first, as he was famous amongst them for dragging them into the master parade yesterday. The rest of us tried to run or hide in the toilet. lol. kmh got caught but managed to struggle out also because he didn’t have change of clothes. I had change of clothes but it was for night cycling later. khoo was the most poor thing, got caught and kena stuffed sand into pants by msg chan and got wet.

Death Note 2
After Sentosa, we went to Vivocity to watch Death Note 2 at 3.30pm. the theatre we watched in was very small, only 8 rows, and I had to book seats the day before online using eNETs. It was great and amazing how the scriptwriter managed to merge humor and mystery together, along with twists in the story. the ending is different from the manga. the sequel is slightly more draggy than the first, I thought it was ending but it didn’t.

Pizza Hut
We then went to p.s. to meet some others at pizza hut for dinner. we ordered 2 family sets, thought it wasn’t enough, but the crust was filling. yk generously offered to treat us even though we wanted to pay. lol. finally he was persuaded to treat us. everytime we joke that he should treat us something like starbucks or whatever. hahaha. then we tried capturing his various face expressions on camera. it was soo funny. why ah? we even tried to sing birthday song for him, then sang one for melvin lin. hahah.

Night Cycling
After dinner, I went to renfu’s house to prepare for night cycling while they went dota-ing. I borrowed one of renfu’s bike and we cycled to east coast. ECP has now changed a bit, got a new cycle track near marine cove, the smaller bike shops such as wimbeldon disappeared, and now got a big BK. We borrowed 5 bikes, missed out 1 but in the end that person not coming. lol. luckily. We bought coffee and drinks at McCafe before proceeding.

Cycled to DHS then a little detour to Geylang for Taiwan Beancurd. Then to old VS, which brings back nostalgic memories, then through Race Course Road to HCI. It was quite interesting as from balestier road, one could smell roti prata coming from somewhere along serangoon road. After HCI, we had a pit stop at 7-eleven, then passed by RGS. A police car went past us (our bikes were like parked outside the RGS gate) but luckily it didn’t stop. We cycled through orchard and went up the sheares bridge via the pedestrian staircase. However, I led them towards the wrong direction of the bridge! we took photos with the skyline, saw the Flyer under construction, then went towards the other direction. Cycled thru Tanjong Rhu and back to ECP. That’s a total of about 6 hours and almost 40 km I think. It was fun though tiring, and my butt and legs hurt after that.

The next morning, I wasn’t really that tired yet. we had breakfast at McDonald’s, and we saw Jane from S61. She’s in UCL now. wow. and she asked for icomp videos. lol. HC, Nat and sean were like sleeping. Santosh and ZY and jimmy decided to talk about SAF, War, Morals, Human nature, philosophy and the like. lol santosh still thinks too much. I cycled back to renfu’s house, and he kindly offered me a bed to sleep for the next 4 hours before lunch.

IT Club Lunch
I met up with victor, ivan, richie, zhongmin, yongfeng and vipul for lunch. renfu came along too. we ate at astons, a small little nice restaurant near katong laksa area. it serves western food in nice portions at great prices. no gst no service charge! the food is not bad too. but it’s better to have a double-up chicken then a single piece one. more worth it and filling. I felt a bit tired and lethargic, but after that we stilled played one match of dota with everyone except zm. lol.

YM Thanksgiving
Went to church for YM, the food was simple and great. Lisa’s mum made great sushi. the games was not too bad, although I couldn’t really understand Bryan at times. the message by joshua was so-so. i expected some worship but only elisha’s band played their own song. in fact, I expected more from the service. as usual, we had our mini yam seng champagne later, now in the hall of love 2.

New Year’s Eve – Expo Day
Today was Expo day. Went to FCBC youth service with chris, louis, weiyi and dylan. then looked around at the book fare nearby. went to town to walked about, and we still couldn’t decide where to go for the night. watchnight is simply not relevant. I wanted to go FCBC’s countdown event but there was nobody else interested. Asked renfu, ah he and the study grp are going expo. good, more people more fun. but expo as in NYE@Expo with Zouk DJs. clubbing, yes. something different from what I normally do. probably my 5th time.

Saw ym and nl. ym is now in melbourne studying. $35 with 1 drink. All drinks at $5. however most of the drinks quite diluted. the music initially was quite boring. mambo 60s-70s. also not that crowded yet. hence me and chris decided to visit FCBC and see what they up to. they were singing their closing song, One Way & Tell The World remix. lol. now THAT’s the way to start the new year in worship. I should have come here earlier.

the music in the middle changed to late 90s, early-2000s music. and the best part was, they played two VJC mass dances! I want you and la bamba! Then the 10 plus of us danced like pros, and everyone were looking at us and some were even trying to imitate us! chris was amazed that I danced so well. lol. now that was fun. then they played those pop songs like robbie williams, linkin’ park, which at least I could sing and rock with.

Then the last hour or so was the rappy hip hop kind which I don’t like. the speakers were beginning to get deafening too. I stepped to a corner and watched instead. wanted to go home but felt it wasn’t worth it yet. just people-watch and see my friends dance. some of them are really into it. lao jiao liao. renfu did his fav upside down walk. haha.

left at 4am plus. take taxi from main road to save $2 expo surcharge. lol.

Happy 2007
Blessed New Year 2007 ahead. I started the year with packing my cupboards in my room. Now slightly neater. Had dinner at my aunt’s place. I think I ate too much from taiwan, to christmas eve at joshua tan’s, ah long’s, aunt poon’s, to new year. gaining weight =p.

back to work work work. heard there’s some stupid cpl first class coming. I want my 3SG hor! and why must I study for the stupid AWT……sigh.

I pray that this year will be a fulfilling year in the things of God, the things that I like to do, and the things of air force.