Do what is right because it is right.

Yesterday I went to the CAAS Scholarship interview/test. It was a long day, which started off with a group discussion, in which they give a scenario…stranded in the desert, given a list of items, rank their importance, whether we should walk to the nearest town, and whether to hunt or not. 8 of us have 30 minutes to discuss our decisions. Then after that there was a short interview and a 5min presentation of yourself. After lunch was a psychometric/personality test, essay and summary.

Apparently, everyone was from the top 3 JCs. All the girls there just got their results, while the guys are from the same batch as me, or one year older. Kinda interesting to meet a few other fellow Victorians, and to know some people from other backgrounds. Actually most of our choices of university courses ain’t really related to CAAS, only a couple or so were into aerospace/engineering I think.

I don’t think I would want to work there. The office environment is quite cold in both senses of the word. The corridors to the offices are like long, boring, monotonous tunnels. Then it’s also kinda like army, cos the career path for scholars is either professional engineer or ‘civil aviation OFFICER’. Actually the job is to be a manager or assistant manager of the different departments, then rotate every 2 years. Not exactly what I’d want to do.

The CAAS thing ended at about 4pm. In the evening, went to IT Show, Suntec was super crowded and hectic. very messy, can get headache. but it was one of the bigger and better IT exhibitions, with 3 levels, microsoft vista on one, the big brands and the small shops at the top.

After that, went to watch Letters from Iwo Jima with leslie and menghui. kinda interesting. The colour correction of the movie made it look like an ancient film, with everything dark and dull. a few parts quite funny and dumb too. The chao keng survived at the end. haha.


Sometimes on your birthday, you wonder who your true friends are.