I dreamt that I was being killed

I had the strangest dream yesterday night.
I was in a car, driving along a curve. As if in a war, a lot of people with guns were shooting at the vehicle from the roadside. Then a shotgun was pointed at my face out of nowhere, and I was getting ready to be dead. I was waiting for the bullet to penetrate my body and soul. For a split second, I wondered where will I be after that moment. I called on God, “My Lord, Jesus save me.” Then I woke up, dazed lying on the side of my bed.

Now that was scary.

Of University and Scholarship Applications

Recently I went for quite a number of university and scholarship interviews, such as Firefly, IDA, NUS.

I applied for the NUS 5 years concurrent degree programme with CMU in Masters in Entertainment Technology (MET), and they had an interview which they asked about my interests, my profile and my career aspirations. I also showed them some of my portfolio. I told them that I’m more a design person than programming person. Then, one of the interviewers stun me by asking me to program something in Maya on the spot. lol. make a curve move like a snake using a loop and sin equation. wth. I stunned for a few minutes, cos I forgot all my math and C++ stuff, before he said, “It’s ok, I’ve seen what I wanted to see.” What?! But anyhow, the interview went well, and I got a place in it. Now I’ve to choose between NTU, NUS or UNSW Asia or some other foreign university…

The Firefly one was a long day at EDB Learning Centre which consisted of group discussions, individual presentations and even a game called “crocodile crossing”. It was a challenging and interesting experience, certainly a very thorough way of evaluating candidates for scholarships. There was even a diplomatic discussion setting in which we had to act as different parties and discuss on an agreement.

As for the IDA – StarHub one which I went last week, I realised that even though it could be my ideal choice, my interests doesn’t fit the company. StarHub and the other companies under IDA are more of computing, programming, technical and networking kind of companies. They ain’t looking for any one for creative/design/media aspects, but of more technical/programming aspects. It’s kinda weird when IDA itself promotes media in some form, including having a flagship scholarship for MET, but none of the companies are full-fledge media companies. I wonder why they shortlisted me for starhub in the first place. I wished that they had more media giants like mediacorp under them. Same goes for my friend who went for an accenture interview and NCS one. hmm.

No news from MDA yet.