The next generation getai…?

After watching Royston Tan’s 881, I thought of what would the next generation getai be like?
Nowadays getai features mostly chinese and hokkien songs from the 60s-80s, catering to the older generation aunties and uncles alike.

Fast forward 20 years later, when the current young generation grows old, will getai feature current Singapore Idol, Project Superstar and various other 90s-00s pop songs? Or will there still be good old hokkien songs, or a mix of both?

Hmm, can you imagine getai playing rock english songs in future? ahah…

9 August 2007

9 August 2007 will be a national day which I think I will always remember, which I worked 14 hours and slogged till 3am, all for the a few seconds or so of the “sound of freedom” that you hear when you see the F16s soaring over the skies.

I didn’t expect myself to be selected to be part of the crew for the actual national day. thought we could go home at normal 10pm plus, but alas, one of the pilots complain of some problem, and we had to stay back to investigate the problem…