YaY! I passed my driving test!!

I actually rolled down the slope! lol. cos supposed to keep left, but there was a slot on the right, and the tester asked me to go right. I went right, but stop before the stop line. So when I wanted to go up again, the car rolled down. I quickly reacted and pulled the handbrake and mumbled a sorry. lol. then i stop at stop line and re-did it again, this time properly By God’s grace, it was <1m so wasn't an immediate failure. I was very lucky that the tester chose crank course #27 instead of #26 which is the more difficult one. I heaved a sigh of relief when I finally finished the circuit. luckily never knocked down any poles or mount kerb. haha. The route was pretty ok. but somehow he tick a lot of other things, what sharp turning, insufficient acceleration, speed too slow....add to 16 pts. phew! Thank God. it was also raining during my practice time, but it stopped raining during the actual test. now I wish I have a car to reduce my travelling times to camp…

Everything About You by Darlene Zschech

You chased me
I caught you
So glad we found each other
We whispered forever
To share our lives together
To watch our dreams unfold

And I love everything about you
Everything you are
You’d catch a falling star if I asked you
And I couldn’t live a single day without you
You hold me in your arms
And once again, I know
That I’m the only one for you

The way you laugh, the way we dance
The way you hold my hand
The way you give, the way you kiss
The way you look at me
You make life beautiful


Oh, I love the light that shines in your eyes
When you talk about our girls
And love the way you smile when they walk into a room
Oh, I love how you care about brokenness
How injustice moves your heart enough
To make a change
You give all you are everyday


I love everything about you
You hold me in your arms
and once again I know
that I’m the only one for you

The only one for you
The love of my life
So glad I found you…

This is a beautiful love song written by Darlene Zschech, it was originally written as a love song for her husband, but I guess some of the words apply to any of our loved ones.

I was listening to it on the bus on the way to work, and I thought about my mum, everything she was, the way she hold me in her arms, the way she gave, and the way she look at me, and tears came forming in my eyes. I miss you, mum.

Last Weekend: YouthTube & Conk’s Birthday Party

Last weekend was a packed one.

Saturday for jordanites had our inaugural YouthTube! Broadcasting Your Love, God’s Love: New perspectives for Music and Media. This event was organised by conk and me, as we are the worship and media coordinators. I think everyone enjoyed watching the music videos in a cafe-like setting, with some snacks and candles.

The first part was icebreakers, where we played 2 sets of 5 songs and the groups are supposed to guess the correct song title and artist and they’d win some M&M’s.

After that, we had a mainstream versus christian music comparison, with Linkin Park’s No More Sorrow and Planet Shakers’ Shout It Out. The groups discussed about the differences, and conk summarised the comparison. The second part was “Re:Tuned”, using mainstream music to talk about Godly values. We used Linkin Park’s What I’ve Done which speaks about forgiveness and mercy, and actually these come from Jesus. The third part was using Casting Crown’s Does Anybody Hear Her music video, in which we talked about our attitudes on evangelism and reaching out to others in and outside of church.

Finally, we concluded and had a short time of worship along with Hillsong and Delirious DVDs, and then Ps Whitley shared about what God spoke to him and to us.

I think that everyone had new insights on appreciating music and media, both mainstream and christian, and about how we can use them to reach out to our friends.


Sunday after 1st Service and Teenedge, we had a cake for conk. Haha this is so familiar cos it was only last week that we celebrated Jinny’s birthday, and the youth leaders we went out for dinner at lemongrass after the jordanites meeting. I must say that we have bonded well together better than before.

After that, I went to suntec and met mr khoo and cedric for lunch at kenny rogers. it’s been a long time since we met, and cedric has already ORD! and leaving for canada soon next month…

In the evening, went to conk’s 21st birthday party at a bungalow chalet at aloha changi. it was quite an ulu place, almost walked to the wrong direction! haha. when I reached, most of the youths and her relatives were there already. After dinner, we had some games, organised by jeanette and company. the first game was trying to guess some items and creatures which conk used plasticine to create. It was quite hilarious as some of the things were quite difficult to recognise, and our church friends and her classmates had to soke their hand in icy cold water until they finally guessed the correct answer.

The second game was about how well you know conk. Her classmates were in one group and the church people were in another. a number of questions were asked, and the group which got it wrong had to eat/drink certain items. some were neutral stuff, like coke, chocolate etc. others were disgusting stuff, such as urm duck intestine, chicken backside, raw eggs, cereal with wasabi and whipped cream, tabasco sauce with water and whipped cream. there was even a finale cold dish, which was lots of whipped cream with cucumber and wasabi and some other yucky stuff mixed together. the two groups got to sabo each other, and it was evident that the classmates knew her better than the church people. lol. but however, the classmates lost the final question and they got the finale cold dish!

after all the games, it was finally the cake cutting and photo taking! she had a nice piano cake from awfully chocolate. and then after that people started to leave. some of us stayed back and we played taboo and had supper at changi village and then bryan and I shared cab home.

I dreamt of Mummy

Last night I dreamt of my mum, kind of a out-of-this-world dream…I went through like a ‘portal’ to another ‘dimension’, a place which looks like my house, and then there were other people sitting around talking. Then after that mummy came and embraced me, and my dad and my mum and I hugged each other. 😐

I missed how my mum wipes my sweat off while eating dinner, and taking care of me even after I sleep.