ORD lo? Not me

slightly less than 6 months left. managed to apply leave to go mission trip to malang in december. next year prob have 8 days of leave, minus a few for synergiz and ignite and my birthday then will be quite little. speaking about my birthday, i’m kinda tempted to book the singapore flyer for a ride next year. who wants to come? haha. but quite ex.

I’ve sorta decided that I will not bother to apply to any US/UK universities. it’s too troublesome…with all the application forms, financial assistance, TOEFL, teachers’ reports, airmail, registration fee etc…too ma fan. well anyway, my concurrent programme in interactive digital media already has 1.5 years in CMU, so i suppose that’s good enough.


went changi beach with jordanites on saturday. it is a pretty nice secluded place, not as crowded as other parks like east coast. more privacy, peacefulness and tranquility. maybe it’s because it’s so far away. good place for “plane-spotting” too. haha.

finally went driving after getting my licence. first time driving at night, plus on the expressway(s). kinda nervous/scary at first, but gained my confidence after a while. I drove my friends through the KPE, which was pretty short and desserted, and to dempsey hill. nice place with cafes and restaurants, albeit a little dark, but with nice atmosphere. we ate at ps cafe…the drinks were ok, but the main courses are very ex. got ben & jerry’s there too.

after that drove my friend back to his camp at sungei gedong, and then we went a little exploring. we drove to sembawang road end. can see the shipyard, and we were wondering how that giant (really big) container ship got into there. it’s like, there’s no space for it to go through!


just heard news that my Dy OC’s mum passed away. you would never know how it feels like to have a loved one missing…it’s heart breaking and traumatising. it’s surreal.

I think I’m a bit like my dad. sometimes when see husbands with their wives, or families enjoying themselves together, flashbacks of my mum come into my mind, and then it sets in that she’s not around anymore. the last movie that my mum watched was 881. and I sorta got reminded of that when the charity show were featuring the cast of the movie.

the love of my mum is in the very ironed uniform that I wear. now there’s nobody to help me iron my clothes, cook meals for my family, buy new clothes for me, eat breakfast with me on my off days. there’s still so many things undone, supposed to go to shanghai for holiday this month, supposed to help her copy her photos from her handphone to the computer, celebrate my 21st birthday? my university graduation?……

then comes a very standard question…why me?
but I have no right to ask that question, and it is also not for me to answer.

Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise;
his greatness no one can fathom.
– Psalm 145:3


sometimes asking a ‘how are you’ shows that you care. although you may receive a standard answer of ‘fine’, it shows to the person that you actually bothered to ask.

life still goes on.

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