More driving-exploring trips

We went driving-exploring again…the 2nd time was the longest one, from 11pm to 5pm on deepavali eve. haha. firstly, we went to the rail mall for supper…the ah mei shop…then we went to jurong hill, a place behind jurong bird park. there’s a viewing tower there in which you can see the jurong island and the sea. it’s quite cool with all the lights from the petroleum companies. i think in the day time you’d see pollution. lol.

then we drove to lim chu kang, and my friend crazily drove into the choa chu kang cemetry and out again. at the end of LCK, there’s a small jetty and there were people catching crabs in low tide. the crabs were huge! then we drove through the windy neo tiew road again, and then all the way down to mount faber. up mount faber was steep and curvy, but the view was quite nice. reminds me of the night cycling trip i had a few years back. now is by car. how times have changed lol. driving down was fun, like initial D, just that cannot go too fast else we fall off the cliff lol.

then after that we went ECP for breakfast at mcdonalds, before driving through the new KPE and back home…


the 3rd driving trip was a shorter one. we went to holland village for dinner. hard time finding parking on a saturday evening. i gave up one lot and it kinda koped by another driver. luckily we found one later. ate at some turkish restaurant, quite interesting and good but a bit ex. then there’s this cool cold rock ice cream shop – it mixes 2 flavours along with tidbits of your choice…from gummys to nerds, chocolates, kit kat, freckles, malts, etc. just that each topping cost $1. haha. but the way they mix is very interesting, is not just some blender or what. they place two scoops on a special marble-like tile, and then they chop the chocs into small pieces and hand mix the ice cream together to become one big scoop into a cup or cone. very cool and it’s pretty tasty and unique.

after holland v, we decided to explore labrador park. my parking skill was not bad for a noob… it has a long beach, and i just realised that it has a nature reserve. next time must come during day time and explore its nature. next stop was marina south pier, the new pier near the marina bay. it’s a pretty furturistic new building, with a roof garden grass patch on for viewing the sea. the sea breeze was nice. but too bad it closes at midnight.

after that, we drove to kent ridge, down the windy south bouna vista road, and then up a very steep slope to kent ridge park. the view from the lookout point is quite good, can see pulau bukom and pasir panjang area. just realised there’s a heritage trail there too. after that my friend drove us home…we were too tired and slept on the way. haha.

actually singapore has a lot of interesting places to explore. i also have yet to go bukit gombak and little guilin, as well as this chestnut bike trail thingy and the smaller unknown trails of bukit timah.

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