Street Touting

now it’s school holidays time, and there’s an increased abundance of kids joining those part time jobs…like giving flyers, selling ice cream in HDB blocks etc.

I especially hate those insurance and donation people who camp outside MRT stations and bus interchanges alike, progressively targeting people especially those NSFs in uniform for time and money. somehow the adult ladies of various insurance companies like to talk to uniformed personnel and I always try my best to avoid eye contact and walk away immediately. may seem rude but hey, I’m on my way home and please don’t interrupt my journey.

and then those donation stuff. these kids will try to stop people and then show some paper and talk long story of some organisation and please donate $2 or $10 and get free pen or notebook or something like that. and then they earn commission by doing this. what kind of donation is this? more like begging and cheating our money! mostly scam I think. I’d rather give some coins to those flag days…more efficient, give as much (or little) as you like, no questions asked.

hence, I’d never be this kind of sales promoter who goes around street touting.

though sometimes there are exceptions, haha. like the other day I was eating ice cream and trying to stall some time before going to the MRT station. this AIA insurance person approached me and ask me to do survey. ok fine. but I hate it when they ask for my personal particulars and especially my contact number.

I wonder how come got this “unknown number” and china person that kept calling/smsing me. weird.

2 thoughts on “Street Touting”

  1. LOL. Same for me.

    Some idiot got me to do a survey on job preference, and when I told him I was in NS, he said its okay. Then he asked me ‘Is this your preferred occupation?’…I gave him a fake hp number by the way. A ‘china’ person called, and when i declined to say my name, think she scolded some stuff and hung up. Terrible…

  2. this charity thing is mainly done by kids but im not sure if they get commission. if they do then its not really charity after all. they came to me while i was having breakfast this morn and showed me their blue 11B/student pass. i was reading my newspaper and just told them sorry dun want and they just scooted off. lol i didnt even bother hearing what they were trying to tell me.

    anyway the insurance thingy…just give fake info. i was approached by some ppl at hougang mall some mths back and faked all the info. lol. anyway tel no can just anyhow give other ppl’s especially COS no. hahaha. and the china ppl who call u, my frens in camp used to play with them. we will try 2 promote our ‘4D’ winnings with them and ask them for their bank acc no. and when we declined the winnings, they said in chinese ‘huh? bu yao $200000!?! wo mei ting guo!’. and we told them ‘wo men gei ni! ni mei yue the xing shui tai shao le!’. they said they didnt want and we quoted them ‘huh? bu yao $200k? wo mei ting guo!’

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