Bye 2007…

2007 was a challenging year, especially in the past few months…

Thank God for…

  • My Driving Test for passing on my first try!
  • His abundant favour and grace (Romans 5:17) in which I could reign in life in my unit. Although there were much stress and threats from people in command, and also the nature of the work itself, I still managed to cope and experience them.
  • My friends and family who have been very supportive especially during my tough periods. Especially to all my church friends, (esp Pastor Whitley, Pastor Lawrence, Alex, Jeremiah, Sharonk, Jingxian, Joshua Pang,…too many to list) who helped me in many ways or another. To my VS/VJ friends whom we still keep in touch. And also to my unit batch mates for all the movie outings and the like! I think I watched the most number of movies this year as compared to the rest of my life!
  • Being able to contribute to the media in church and youth. Notable achievements include the successful production of the 50th anniversary video, the “Larger Than Life” MTV for a competition which we won!, Youth Sunday videos, Divine Appointment episodes and various other smaller productions. Thanks also to those who helped in all the productions, esp Jeremiah, Josh Tan Jr, Jonathan Sim, Benjamin Ang and the rest of the teenedge cast!
  • Being able to secure my place in NUS-CMU programme in Interactive Digital Media. Even though after the many scholarship interviews, I didn’t manage to get any, I will try again next year…
  • For the various opportunities to go overseas…church camp to malacca, mission trip to malang
  • Bringing me through the various trials and tribulations in life. He is always here with me, my solid rock.

Bye 2007!
Looking forward to 2008…ORD lo! And entering university…

although life will never be the same again…


This Christmas was a busy one. I was quite caught up with buying presents for so many people. My list was pretty long this year. Somehow I can’t remember what I bought the previous years.

Shopping at Vivocity after coming back from Malang, I decided to buy some stuff from Toys R Us for my cousins. But can’t find anything for my church friends except maybe cups? Daiso doesn’t have anything good. Gift shops don’t have good stuff for less than $5. Bought some chocolates for jr and vic tho.

On Haji, I decided to pass print giant photo cards for people. it’s both unique and meaningful, instead of buying some useless souvenir. printed about 40 in total. Went to watch national treasures 2, it was pretty good tho didn’t really understand the American history part.

The Saturday before christmas, celebrated in church at Jordanites before going my aunt’s house for BBQ. still no idea what to buy. Sunday guard. Monday guard off, finally decided to go SKS. I reduced my presents lists and bought some stuff for a few people.

Perhaps next year I should reduce my list and use the remaining money to buy more meaningful things instead. reduce stress too haha.

Christmas Day finally came, and Praise God, for my dad went to church with me! I was on duty for multimedia, and Gather At The Manger was simple but a success. Daryl’s song was amazing. Many people gave me cards this year, and got lots of sweets and stuff.

Afternoon, went to watch I Am Legend with chris louis and weiyi. It’s not as good as 28 Days or Weeks in my opinion. But there’s some interesting lines in it. “The world is quieter now. It’s easier to hear God.”

When The Tears Fall

I’ve had questions, without answers
I’ve known sorrow, I have known pain
But there’s one thing, that I’ll cling to
You are faithful, Jesus You’re true

When hope is lost, I’ll call you Saviour
When pain surrounds, I’ll call you Healer
When silence falls, You’ll be the song within my heart

In the lone hour, of my sorrow
Through the darkest night of my soul
You surround me, and sustain me
My defender, forever more

When hope is lost, I’ll call you Saviour
When pain surrounds, I’ll call you Healer
When silence falls, You’ll be the song within my heart

I will praise you, I will praise You
When the tears fall, still I will sing to you
I will praise you, Jesus praise You
Through the suffering, still I will sing

Mission Trip To Malang

From 12 – 17 Dec, I went to Malang for a church mission trip with 6 others.
We took valuair to surabaya, we arrived at junda airport surabarya at about 3pm. and then there were two suzuki APVs which brought us to the pastor’s house in Malang where we were going to stay. pastor paul met our drivers and we hopped on and had a long 2 hours ride to malang. Due to mud spillage caused by a construction project, we had to go a detour through the suburbs. The interesting thing is that the kids camp at road dividers and corners to collect ‘illegal erp’, that is small tips, to lead vehicles to the correct direction.

We reached the Pastor’s house at about 5 plus. The house is pretty large, with a huge hall and living room that can hold people for a church session. they were very hospitable and kind and provided ample beds and facilities. The first night, we visited a house-cell-group christmas gathering with candlelight service and dinner. it was quite cool.

the next day, we had to wake up at 1am, which means we only had two hours of sleep or so. lol. we then travelled to see sunrise at 4.30am, and also took the jeep to the foot of mount bromo, took a horse ride up, and see the volcano crater. it was fun, though cold (about 10 degrees), and the scenery was absolutely beautiful. I didn’t know I could see such scenery in South East Asia. A different dimension from Luang Prabang. It’s like a page taken out of LOTR’s Shire, with lush green grass, large mountains and Mt. Doom in the background. lol. (if you like to see photos, MSN me)

After that, we travelled to a suburban village area, where we visited a church there. it was quite well built beside the pastor’s house, and we had a youth devotion time and campfire. we played some games with them, one of them is candlelight soccer which was quite a success. We stayed over in the church, but we had to wake up at 4am for devotion! their culture is to do devotion at sunrise, and we could go back to sleep again (luckily!).

The next day, we travelled to the beach, it was a bumpy and dizzy ride. Matthew got food poisoning/car sick when we reached a kelong area. we had a nice beautiful time when we just waited and waited and did nothing. i could just sit and face the river and stare into space. I even fell asleep. lol. the best time in life is when you can actually find time to do nothing. I’m not kidding you know. No troubles or work to fill your mind. Just relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Finally, the pastor’s church people came, and we boarded the boat at the beach to go to the island across. they were very kind and helped us to set up a huge tent, enough to put more than 10 safari beds! We can some interesting time playing in the sea, sunrise was beautiful, and after that we had dinner, twice. which made me very full and bloated the next day. the stars were beautiful, and it was cool to sleep and face the sky, cos I decided to sleep slightly outside the tent. tho it got cold at night.

the next day, i woke up with a weird stomach feeling, guessed i need to shit, which i did, in the bushes. lol. but still had bloated stomach. ate some charcoal later. lydia had some vomitting too. After we crossed the island, we visited the church at the beach town, and it was a long ride back to Malang city.

That night we attended the Youth Christmas Meeting, and it was a bash. their church is pretty cool and advanced actually, with video screens, lots of nice spotlights, and nicely decorated stage. they sang some hillsong english songs too. we played the balloon game with them and there was a mess but it was a success. lydia was miraculously healed at the service after leading worship with youde.

The next day, we attended Sunday Service, Ps Whit preached, Pauline gave a testimony, and we did Karena Kita (We Are THe Reason), while kaiyin and matthew helped out in sunday school and we did hands. it was quite a fun morning. afternoon we had lunch at this fish pond place in Batu in which we could place our feet into the pond and let the fish nibble at your toes. it was ticklish!

We visited another church during the evening, a simpler one. after dinner which we visited Malang Shopping, but the shops were closing! No time to shop! quite a waste. thought I could get some christmas gifts. the stuff there are quite cheap.

On the last day, we left and went to visit the fountain and hot spring, tho it was raining. it was quite nice scenery too, like lots of foggy area which I thought could only be in european countries lol. we even saw antelopes! quite cute. when we reached the airport after 2 hours ride, it was raining heavily. after a 2 hours flight, home sweet home.


My Thoughts

This trip was the first mission trip for me, and it opened my eyes by visiting a third world country with Christ in mind. Even though half the trip was like a holiday, I actually like it because of that. I wanted to have a short escape from Singapore, and this trip offered both sight-seeing as well as being able to do some mission work.

I guess that the expedition to see the sunrise and to Mount Bromo was not without reason. It helped us to realise that amidst all the urbanisation that Man has created, the heavens and mountains still declare His glory. Who compares to Him? He sets the stars in their place. The surreal atmosphere of the mountains, combined with the chilling weather, brought us back to God’s wonderful creations.

Visiting Malang, both the urban and the rural areas, also allowed us to see the needs of the people there. The churches in different places have various needs, and although we may not be able to provide them just by one trip, I learnt that we can bless the people even by our presence. For example, for the village church, it was their first time hosting such a big foreign group, and they are very excited about it. They were curious to know more about Singapore and the people and culture. We were caught unprepared, but we managed to give a brief description. Perhaps in future, we should bring more postcards and photos of Singapore. Our presence also can encourage in their faith, in that they can see other Christians from different places of the world also believe in the same God, same Jesus, same Holy Spirit.

Through the worship experiences in Pastor Marcus’ church Saturday and Sunday services, I also learnt that different ethic groups of people can worship in different languages, but we all worship the same God. The beauty of language is that each is unique, and each brings forth a different description, perspective and manifestation of God’s spirit in praise and worship. Worshipping in Bahasa Inodnesia causes a different dimension to be felt as compared to ordinary worship in English.

Many times, we had difficulty communicating with the Indonesians. Although Kaiyin and Matthew can speak some Bahasa, and we had some interpreters along with us, we often spoke in broken Bahasa and English. Nevertheless, we could still understand each other most of the time, despite some miscommunication at times. God destroyed the Tower of Babel and confused the languages of man, so that we will not overthrow Him. However, even though we speak different languages, we can have unity in Christ, and we can speak and worship as one body, in reverence of God.

The hospitality of the Indonesians also surprised me. Most of the time, they treated us like VIPs. They always let us eat first before they eat themselves. They try to provide as many things as they can in order to make us comfortable in our rooms and beds. I guess it is in their culture. In retrospect, do we do this in Singapore? Do we treat our visitors like VIPs? Better yet, do we treat our fellow friends (and even enemies) like VIPs? Do we love them like Jesus? Perhaps we can learn from the Indonesians, in that we should give priority and treat others in the best possible way we can. As Jesus said, as often as we do it for our brothers, we do it for Jesus. Do to others what you want others to do to you.

All in all, it was a memorable trip. Although we did little, we experienced much.

December of Anniversaries

December’s an eventful month

Squadron Anniversary
On the 1st, my unit celebrated its anniversary at Science Centre. We watched two pretty uninteresting educational documentaries – Hurricane on the Bayou and Mummies. I think the most of the regulars were bored to death. Okay I’m slightly exaggerating…but seriously, the former was an eye-opener to the lives of the people affected by Hurricane Karina, it’s quite sad actually. The Mummies of Egypt one was interesting at first but it got boring after a while.

We ate McDonald’s for lunch (sounds dumb right? lol) and CO made his maiden speech. After that my batch people decided to make use of the free Science Centre entry and explore since it’s been almost a decade (lol) since we last went there. The Future IT Space exhibit was quite cool, with some minority-report-like stuff, and we saw a tesla coil demostration. pretty cool.

After that, we had some desserts at Jurong East Entertainment Centre, after which some of us decided to go play LAN. Bugis was way crowded, we walked to Park Lane that small cheap but warm shop and played Team Fortress 2. My first time playing that game, and I think it’s quite fun and cute. The gameplay is quite unique and interesting and we played for about 2 hours.

After that, I left and travelled to Expo to meet my dad to go Sitex. We finally re-contracted the broadband although there wasn’t much freebies. I’d like an xbox 360 but my brother say don’t want.

Base Anniversary, Design Festival and Zo Hee Screening
The next week was filled with parade rehearsals for COC. Though tiring, can skip work! haha. Thursday was the actual event, and the best part was the buffet after the parade. It was at the officer’s mess and there was sumptuous food! Exotic seafood like crabs, prawns, crayfish, stingray and also stuff like laksa, satay and various other stuff. Best piss up we ever had. definitely better than any of squadron’s.

The next day, we celebrated our base anniversary at vivocity. after the formalities, we went to eat subway for breakfast/brunch. then we watched Hitman…it was a confusing story, but the action was very good. the shooting and stuff.

after that, we had the best LAN gaming time ever. 15 people, some of my batch guys and 3 27th NSF, we went to opp paradiz and played BF2 for THREE hours. lol. it was amazing. more poeple more fun. we drove around and shot around. khooty was imbal and ownage with his helicopter skills. it’s fun to be his WSO. lol.

after that we separated, and edwin, kmh and I went to pop by the Singapore Design Festival exhibition at City Hall for a walk before going to Substation for my brother’s latest film premiere at Moving Images Anniversary. The design fest was quite interesting, with many little cool stuff and people did. some of the things i wish i could bring home. haha. the architecture exhibits are quite nice too, reminded me of my childhood ambition. there were some freebie stickers, i’m sure you’ve seen those weird signs sticking around Singapore, like the football player kicking his ‘head’. lol.

At the substation, it was not so packed as expected but it was still full house. after two short films, my brother’s zo gang and zo hee was shown. it’s quite a successful one, and received numerous laughter and giggles. it was quite touching too, for the film reminded us of my mum, and it was dedicated to mum at the end with a photo of my bro and her at the substation the last time.

Going back to the substation brings back memories, esp to my dad I’m sure. last march and april, we were at the timbre behind the substation, and my mum was selling the t-shirts and stuff. I could even imagine and visualise the scenes as I passed by the corridors leading to the theatre. Mum, if only you were there.

6 years with Christ
13 December marks 6 years with Jesus in my life. God still loves us. If only the world is quieter now. Then it’d be easier to hear God.

Mum’s Birthday
15 December is my mum’s birthday. 95 days after she left us.