VJC 04S64 Gathering

It was since dunno how many years ago when my jc class last met. shu took the intiative to organise the outing at essential brews at holland village. she sent an email about a month ago and everyone replied. the attendance was quite good, almost everyone who was in singapore came, EXCEPT FOR KX! lol.

As ashish observed, after so many years, it seems that the table positions haven’t changed. Those who normally sit together in the canteen in the past still sit together now. lol. and we had two long tables. just nice. the place is quite homely but weird cos we have to take off our shoes and sit on the floor. it’s quite interesting, cos most of the girls going to their 3rd year of studies, and some of them it’s their final year. lol. time flies and they are now faster than us guys. quite a number of gals in NTU, and those in NUS include sara in chem eng, sherilyn, fenni in building, and a few others.

some of them really looked quite diff. mat looks more mature, pretty and ‘marriable’ as what nl said haha. jj looks more macho and built…gym training was obvious. shu looks more mature too. the rest are more or less the same. I found out that wx is going SoC with me too! cool.

We had a good dinner and catching up with one another, with the guys on one side talking mostly army stuff (as usual), and the girls talking abt uni stuff. we also updated one another and asked the girls abt uni life. most of them are working as interns at different places now as it’s vacation time. lance brought his dSLR and we were happily snapping photos away. we left at about 10.30pm after 3 hours of meeting. lance drove some of the girls back.