Cycling and Southern Ridges Hike

Thursday evening, went cycling with some of my JC classmates…ashish, jin, jy, and mao. We cycled half the eastern PCN…from east coast, along changi coast to changi village, had dinner there and back. shorter than the last one which I cycled the whole loop. However, this time, I chose the more expensive $15 Giant bike for 5 hours, while mao chose the $20 Ralleigh bike lol. The bad thing was when dark clouds gathered and it started raining pretty heavily while we were cycling back along changi coast. There was no shelter nearby, and the next few shelters were occupied. By the time we reached a big pavilion, we were drenched from head to toe. We kept our handphones in a plastic bag in my bag, and we decided to continue since we were already wet. By the end, we were completely drenched. My shoes and socks were carrying like 10ml of water or more each. haha. it was cold on the bus.

Friday morning, I went for a hike to Southern Ridges with some of my air force mates. Fortunately, we changed the meeting time to 1pm, and hence I could sleep later haha. We ate subway, and began our hike up Mount Faber along Marang Trail. It was hot, but the route was quite shady. It was quite tiring as there were lots of steps. Once at the top, we were rewarded by a view of Sentosa, the Cable Car, Keppel Harbour and the Southern Islands. Quite a nice view. I think I only seen the view at night when I drove up mount faber the last time.

After walking through Mount Faber, we reached the famous Henderson Wave bridge. It really looks quite interesting and it’s quite high from the road level. 78m from mean sea level at the highest point. The wave design is only on one side of the bridge. It’s quite nice with the wood flooring and certain parts of the bridge whereby you can sit down and enjoy the view. I think can even have a busking performance there, although there won’t much people walking past. haha. can even have a outdoor play or something.

After that was some Hilltop Trail to a place which look like people like to take wedding photos, and then the Forest Trail, which is a pretty long metal boardwalk going downhill through the forest. My friend mentioned that it would be better and more rustic feeling if the boardwalk is made with wood instead. The metal makes the bridge looks very furturistic, leading to the Alexander Arch bridge, which is supposed to look like an leaf across the road.

After the bridge was HortPark, an admission-free plants exhibition kinda place. There were many interesting plants and seeds for sale, and we saw the pitcher plant and another carnivorous plant – called Venus Flytrap (from wikipedia) which uses a “snap trap” to trap insects as its prey. We tried poking it and indeed, the thing closes. There are like red hairs inside which sense motion. I even tried to put an ant inside and see if it digests it. lol.

HortPark was really HotPark, as there were not many trees and it was very hot. The other exhibits were like showcasing how rich people can decorate their gardens, and there were some greenhouses at the end which are used to test and research plants for Gardens at the Bay. We continued walking and soon we reached the shady Kent Ridge area. We went up the Canopy Walk, and had a view of Queenstown and surrounding areas. Canopy Walk is simply a high wooden bridge built at the height of the trees.

We reached a heritage building – Reflections at Bukit Chandu – which showcases the Malay Regiment during WW2. As there was a $2 admission fee, we decided to skip it. We had to trace back our steps a little to continue to the other side of Kent Ridge Park, before reaching a look-out point, where we were once again rewarded with a view of Pasir Panjang Harbour, the ports, ships and polluting environment of Pulau Bukom. haha. inconvenient truth.

We took a break, and soon dark clouds were gathering. We decided to end our walk soon and try to find our way out to Science Park. The rest of the walk is nothing much anyway, it’s walking through NUS (lol) and to the infamous Clementi Woods where someone was supposedly “sexually assaulted”, whatever that means. We managed to walk past Normanton Park and took bus 92 out to Bouna Vista before it started raining.

It was an interesting walk, not really a must-see thing, but good to go if you are bored of other places in Singapore. Well, it’s Singapore man, not much attractions, so we have to keep finding new places to entertain ourselves.

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