The only thing

I remember the last dinner we had
You cooked for us, the whole family
The only dish I could remember
Was the salmon wrapped in aluminium foil
The only thing I could remember
Was that I started eating before you even sat down
While you were still serving the soup.

I remember the last movie we watched
We watched it as a family
The only thing I remember
Was that you like the music from it
And it was Royston Tan’s 881.

I remember the last tour we went
We went to Taiwan with Aunt Jo
The only thing I remember
Was probably the happiest photo I’ve ever taken of you.

I remember my 21st birthday
But you were not around to celebrate with us
I remember the last Chinese New Year
But the family reunion dinner was not much of a reunion.

I remember the last night
I went to Bliss cafe with my friends
The only thing I remember
Was that I did not get to say my last ‘Good Night’ to you.

I remember on this day last year
You left us for a better place
The only hope I have is in God
And to see you once again in future.