The only thing

I remember the last dinner we had
You cooked for us, the whole family
The only dish I could remember
Was the salmon wrapped in aluminium foil
The only thing I could remember
Was that I started eating before you even sat down
While you were still serving the soup.

I remember the last movie we watched
We watched it as a family
The only thing I remember
Was that you like the music from it
And it was Royston Tan’s 881.

I remember the last tour we went
We went to Taiwan with Aunt Jo
The only thing I remember
Was probably the happiest photo I’ve ever taken of you.

I remember my 21st birthday
But you were not around to celebrate with us
I remember the last Chinese New Year
But the family reunion dinner was not much of a reunion.

I remember the last night
I went to Bliss cafe with my friends
The only thing I remember
Was that I did not get to say my last ‘Good Night’ to you.

I remember on this day last year
You left us for a better place
The only hope I have is in God
And to see you once again in future.

3 thoughts on “The only thing”

  1. dear colin,

    I read this poem with tears in my eyes.

    It’s one year but it seems yesterday that I last saw your mum.

    Her cheerful spirit and loud laughter always inspire me to be contented with whom I am and what I have.

    She is so kind, always lending a hand to whoever in need.
    Although I can’t repay the love that she has given me,
    I am grateful at the thought she loved the last gift I have given her – 2 T-shirts that I brought back from the USA trips.

    I pray she is happy in heaven and God will be kind to her.

    Your mum, my sister, is always remembered with fondness.

  2. Dear Colin,

    Your poem wrote your love and thoughts for your mum. I’m sure she can feel your love for her from above.

    A year had passed and it truely seemes like yesterday.

    I can still remember her beautiful smiles, her unique voice, her petite figure and her curly fashionable japanese hairstyle.

    I always remember her whenever we had our gatherings… I missed her during X’mas, Chinese New Year and all the festivals or birthday parties that we had.

    I’ll miss her during the upcoming mooncake festival… miss the food she cooked and the nice parties she used to organise.

    I wish to tell her that she will be a great aunt again and it is a baby boy this time… I wish to share the happy news with her…

    I wish that she can witness the birth of our boy and let him rest in her arms….

    I wish aunt can love our boy as much as she loves Yiting…

    I’m sure she is watching us from above and giving us her blessings.

    Just want to let aunt know that we love her so much & we miss her dearly.

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