SBST Replies

Refering to my complain which I posted earlier, SBST finally replied after about one month:

We are appalled to learn of the ungracious behaviour of the said Customer Service Officer(CSO) towards you on 29 September.  Please accept our sincere apologies for the service lapse.

As frontliners, it is crucial for our CSO to provide good customer service at all times.  Clearly, the uncalled-for remarks made by the said CSO as described in the feedback are unacceptable.

Following completion of our investigation into the incident, appropriate action has since been taken against the mentioned CSO.  He was reminded to be mindful of his mannerisms when interacting with customers and to be considerate and courteous towards them at all times.

We have also advised the CSO to be tactful when advising passengers regarding the ‘No eating and drinking’ regulation.  I am sure that passengers will co-operate when informed of the regulation politely by our CSO.

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