And so semester 2 begins…

The first two weeks of school have come and past. Now that I’m in nuSTUDIOS exco, I’ve been pretty busy with AGM, meetings and projects. Recently, we are doing a collaboration project with CO, doing a Song of Kent Ridge. Hence, the past week, we’ve been going around NUS and Kent Ridge filming the environment and the scenery. Last Saturday, we went to Kent Ridge Park at 6am to video a time lapse of the sunrise at the Canopy Walk. It is an amazing sight to see the huge orangey sun popping out from behind the buildings and the horizon, but alas, the camera’s black and white viewfinder did not do justice to the colours.

The Brevis 35mm lens adapter thingy is pretty cool, just learnt how to fix up the rig. Hope I can use it in future productions.

As for this sem modules, I have 3 labs out of the 5 modules. Didn’t get all my tutorials but managed to appeal for them. CS2100 is pretty boring now with all the binary stuff, reminds me of Ms Leong. The lecturer for NM2216 Interactive Media Design isn’t very interactive at the moment. Its workload seems tough with readings and weekly reflections and projects. Take photos of sustainable transport in Singapore? Where got? NM1101E looks interesting as there are many different lecturers from all over the world. Math LT suck as there are too many people and too few seats and the tables, although more spacious, are kinda obstructing as they are placed in a row in front of the seats. As for CS1102, I find it quite stupid that we have to use command line when a GUI is available. Sure, makes us more geeky programmers, but seems like a step back in technology.

Yesterday I was at New Creation’s CNY Service, and they had a nice stage setup and an interesting play. It was inspired from Little Nonya, which I didn’t watch, and they called it Xiao Niang. lol. Actually, it’s adapted from the book of Ruth. I loved the original music they created and sang. The songs were simple and nice, especially the theme song sang between Ruth “Xiao Niang” and “Boaz”. It’s a perfect duet for a wedding, goes something like this:

This is grace
This is love
Favour smiles at me from above
This is more than i can imagine
Or ask for

I will give you my hand
I (You) will cherish you (me) till the end
We will be together forever
Yes we’ll be together forever
And we’ll be together forevermore

I will give You my hand
I will cherish You till the end
And we’ll trust in God’s love forever
Yes we’ll trust in God’s love forever
And we’ll trust in God’s love forevermore

Chinese New Year…?

I miss the days when I would go shopping with my mum and eat dinner with my parents. Dining out used to be a weekly affair. Now I would walk around Heeren alone, seeing other youths with shopping with their parents. I also know one or two people who just went out with their mums and dads to buy CNY clothes and stuff like that.

I miss the days when my home will be filled with cans and bottles of CNY goodies and snacks, and also CNY cards and decorations on the wall which my mum would put up. Mum would even bake some of those home-made simple choc cookies with cornflakes. Now there’s only some peanuts.

I miss the days when my mum will start spring cleaning up the whole house, forcing me and my brother to throw away things we don’t need and clean up our desks and cupboards. Now there’s no spring cleaning spirit in my house…Now my home feels quite different, feels colder.

I miss the days which I would get a new bedsheet every time CNY is coming. Mum will always choose something new and bright. Now no one buys new bedsheets.

I miss going to the River Hongbao event almost every year with my family, looking at the exhibits, the floats, the bazaar, the huge god of fortune statue, collecting the fake “gold”, taking photos…

I miss looking forward to CNY Eve which we will prepare for a reunion dinner, usually a steamboat or similar, along with a few aunts and cousins. Now I have no idea what’s installed for CNY’s Eve this year.

I miss watching TV with my mum on CNY Eve, with the countdown programme on Channel 8, staying awake till 1am plus. So much so for 守睡.

I miss my mum insisting me and my brother each carry a pair of oranges on the first day of CNY to go visiting. And we will take a family photo with our new clothes.

I miss. I miss. I miss…

New Design…

Yes, after procastinating for more than a year, I finally managed to finish my site’s design and portfolio! I spent the whole of today at home doing up the portfolio, it was quite tedious to crop the images and create the thumbnails manually. Finally it is nice and pretty now. =)

Please browse around and let me know your comments!

And while I was doing the portfolio and looking back at my past work, I was reminded of the good old days in VS IT Club. Went to their website and saw that the photo gallery dates back to 2002! Amazing, can see all my camp and competition photos there. Very nostalgic to look at photos of my friends and I making a mark in the club’s history. I miss the good old days. University life is never the same. However, whenever you go back and take a look, it is different, because things have changed, students and teachers had left, and it does not feel the same. For others came before and went, and carried to the world…

Seletar Airport, Sengkang Parks, Brewbaker’s


Recently, I cycled with lu to Seletar Airport area. The first time was to explore the colonial buildings in which there are still people staying there. They are moving out soon to make way for the proposed aerospace/aviation hub in Seletar. Kinda sad cos the buildings look very nice and rustic, perfect for chalet get-away kind of setting. Some of the houses/families even have christmas trees, swimming pools, garages, swings, gardens etc. The vast space and the name of the streets make it like a mini-England. There are signs at the corners of the roads that say “This Road Will Be Expunged By 01 Jan 2009″.


Well, I cycled there again last Sunday, and the roads are still there! lol. This time, we ventured deeper into the east camp of the airport, and there were some hangars and commerical companies. They look strangely familiar. haha.

We cycled past Sengkang and found out that there are 3 new parks which are going to be opened soon adjacent to the sports complex. There will also be a fruit-themed artificially built floating island in Sungei Punggol. We decided to try the new restaurant, Brewbaker’s Kitchen & Bar at the Anchorvale CC at the sports complex. I’ve swam there twice but never really noticed the restaurant, although I saw their advertisements at Compass Point. It surprised me. At first I wonder where did this new restaurant/bar come from, then realised that they are from Jack’s Place Group. It was a sunday night, so pretty quiet.

The food was really good, reasonably good from a western restaurant. I ate steak with bacon and focaccia bread, and the serving was quite huge with potato wedges. The bar ambience is nice with sofas, TV and nice lighting. They also serve their own archipelago beer with 3 different flavours. Their service is excellent too, as the waiters will keep checking on you and ask if the food is satisfactory. However, I suppose this standard of service will not last when there are more poeple coming in! especially with the parks and surroundings more populated. So go now when it’s still quiet and unknown =p

On a side note, I realised that I have too many outdated books and magazines to read, and I don’t have enough time to read finish them. They just keep piling up on my table or in my cupboard. And school’s starting! Argh.

Roller Blading

Today I went roller blading with jr after not doing it for like…1  year plus? can’t remember when was the last time. It was a good workout, although we had an interesting time trying to remember our skills in blading. I fell quite a few times, once aggravating an old sprain on my arm (ouch), and another one on my butt while trying to avoid someone on the opposite direction when going down slope too fast. Now my knee caps hurt and my right arm hurts. ouch. I only managed to get the hang of blading smoothly towards the end of the 2-hour session lol. must go blading again next holidays to practice.

We decided to pop by VJC. School hasn’t started so that’s not many people and the canteen was closed 😐 We went to the computer labs and saw mr. ho, mr. morgan was not around. We also visited V26 and saw some juniors whom I don’t know. The smell of the room is still the same. They were doing some videos for upcoming orientation. They had new coms too. aha. my old stuff like tapes, cosiety stickers on the wall are still there. There’s even the Killing Truth SVA plaque! lol. There’s also a photo of the 05/06 batch VICOMP of which I came as a guest.

Time flies, I’m like 4 years older than them now. Not my era anymore.

update: now my knee caps hurt. and i can’t walk comfortably.

New Year’s Day

It was an not-very-happening new year’s eve. Slacked at home during the day, and then went to church for watchnight service. There was a celebration dinner, followed by an interesting programme with some time for reflection for the year. However, the songs were quite boring and there was no countdown due to the prayers.

After wising everyone happy new year, some of us went to trix’s house for a movie marathon. Her maid nicely baked wonderful pizza for us, and her mum bought a logcake which was pretty good. We watched The Dark Knight (again) and The Pink Panther Strikes Back until about 6+ am before we went home.

Today slept for a few hours, tried to do some web design for this website (yes, finally) and went for dinner with lu and weiyi.

Happy New Year 2009 everyone! Jesus is coming back soon. The end of all things is near. (And according to Mayan myth, the world is ending in 2012. lol.)