19th European Union Film Festival Opening

Today, with invitation cards provided by CFA, I attended the opening gala of the 19th European Union Film Festival at GV Vivocity with a few other nuSTUDIOS friends. It was a prvilege to be there as there was excellent food and entertainment. Swedish meatballs, creamy spinach and shitshake mushrooms and even sashimi! Awesome. There’s even wine served. Very high class indeed.

There were a lot of Europeans around. Originally I was thinking if there were enough people to fill up the cinema, but soon it became very crowded. We were hoping to catch some familiar faces, but not much, except for Hossan Leong. Haha. In the end, we managed to meet some people from NP’s FSV and had a quick chat before the screening started.

After some formalities and speeches, the NTU ADM’s documentary, Sacred Crane, Mortal Birds, was screened. (Everytime I think about them, I always wonder that I could be studying there now. Okay let’s not go towards that topic now.) It was done by Boo Xinying (related to Boo Junfeng?) and we managed to bump into her and her lecturer for a quick exchange after the screening. It was pretty cool as their school brought them to Tibet to do the documentaries about the birds, and the scenery there is very nice.

The next feature was Wolf, a Swedish film about the people who rear reindeers and their conflict with the law and wolves, a protected species in Sweden. It was quite a slow film, with the climax reached when one wolf was killed. However, towards the end, it showcases a bit of a father’s love and sacrifice for his son (sounds familiar) and his connection with his dog. However, the scenes of snow, mountains and reindeers were very beautiful.

An eye-opening day.

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