A New Revelation of Me and Jesus

Me and Jesus, it’s not someone else, it’s not a third party, it’s not the person singing the song, it’s not your spouse, but it’s you, yourself, alone, but not lonely, because you are with Jesus. When you know that you are His beloved, you are the one whom Jesus loves, you are whole, not half empty, not half full, but a complete, satisfied being.

When there’s nowhere else to turn
All your bridges have been burned
Feels like you’ve hit rock bottom
Don’t give up it’s not the end
Open up your heart again
When you feel like no one
Understands where you are

Someone loves you even when you don’t think so
Don’t you know you got Me and Jesus
By your side through the fight
You will never be alone
On your own you got me and Jesus

After all that we’ve been through
Be now you know I’ve doubted too
But everytime my head was in my
Hands you said to me
Hold on to what we got
This is worth any cost so
Make the most of life
That’s borrowed
Love like there’s no tomorrow


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