No More Deadlines!

Praise God, for finally I finished all my projects and there’s no more deadlines (except for exams of course).
It has been an enjoyable semester so far (except for a few cases), and it is good that I managed to finish everything well on time!

NM3215 Advertising Strategies

After one of our group members left, it is still quite comfortable to work in a group of 4 I think. The project was to do an advertising campaign for Kia Motors Singapore for the launch of the new Kia Soul. This project was a lot of work, I spent a lot of effort on the creatives such as the poster designs and presentation. And although we did not intend to do a video initially and it was not the requirement, we decided to spend one afternoon to do a simple photo shoot and we shot a short hilarious video. Thanks to Daryl, Shuhui and Majella for the wonderful teamwork! Okay, the video is too embarrassing to share, but here’s some nice posters which I came up with

FindYourPerfectSoul iHeart

CS3240 Human Computer Interface

I thought I would like this module, but the lecturer didn’t make me like it. But she’s very friendly though. But I think our project is over and above what the module requires. There’s too much programming involved for a GUI (graphics user interface)-based project. It was meant to be a Silverlight/Flash project, but we used Javascript/HTML/PHP instead. Nevertheless, we still managed to come up with our very own NUS Shuttle Bus website. I learnt a lot of jquery along the way. The timings are just dummy values, so don’t trust it. haha. Thanks to Chris for all the coding, and also Rachel and Meng. Here’s a screenshot:


CS3249 Elements of User Interface Design

Again, as with most computing modules, the requirements for the project are above what is required of the module. However, I enjoyed this one especially, because the project was to code a (Wii)Flash game which uses the Nintendo WiiMote as the controller. How cool is that! The WiiMote is connected to the computer via bluetooth, and you can use infrared transmitters or candles (yes they work too) to transmit infrared signals for the translation movement. For the first time, I volunteered to do the coding instead of doing the design. I ended up being one of the main programmers. It was quite amazing, praise God for I managed to pick up ActionScript quickly and we managed to finish our project on time! Wish I could export the flash as a game playable by mouse, but maybe next time. Thanks to Chris, Favian, Angelin, Ling Wei and Melissa for the fantastic teamwork! Here’s a cool screenshot:


Thank God for all the wonderful time and time abundantly that he has multiplied! I managed to get enough sleep for most of the days, except for last weekend in which I was in school till 1am on Saturday and I slept at 4am on Sunday. But only one weekend. The rest of the weekends were miraculously wonderful.

And now, for the exams. 2 more weeks =)

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