Surf and Dance

I went for my second surfing class the other day. We finally went to the great ocean, the weather was amazing, finally a sunny day after more than a week of rain! Paddling out into sea was a bit scary, firstly, I was slow; secondly the waves look intimidating somehow. After a while, I got slightly more comfortable and paddled outwards. Then the big waves came…. WHAM… the instructor shouted “turtle”, but I didn’t react in time and I was buried under one and quickly struggled to get myself up. Then paddled towards the instructor. We lingered in the open sea for a while, trying to ‘catch’ some waves. After some time, another big wave came, and WHAM and I went under it again. When I tried to get up again, I realised that my right arm was hurting. It was the old injury from army time and I sorta twisted my biceps/triceps or something. Then I realised that I have trouble paddling, and was running out of breath thanks to the seawater, and I went back to shore to rest my arm. I think surfing may not be my cup of tea =(

Ballroom dancing is pretty interesting. The good thing is most are beginners, so no stress of being noob. So far, we learnt basic cha-cha-cha and foxtrot. Pretty cool. It’s hard to dance with someone who’s taller than you though, luckily we have the chance to switch partners. Some of the music selection doesn’t seem to fit the genre of the dance, for example, there were some rock/R&B songs used initially for the cha-cha-cha. lol. I wonder if there’s any praise and worship songs for that. haha.

Hip Hop dancing is taught by some guy from Texas, pretty funny guy. Although the music is not usually the kind that I listen to, the dance moves are pretty fun to do. And they are not too complicated,the instructor breaks it down and makes it easy to learn for us. It’s quite cool when the whole class dances together in sync making the correct steps and sounds. remains me of mass dance. haha.

Last Friday, I went to an Intervarsity Guys’ Night, probably the most interesting party I’ve been to. No, it’s not the drink and get weird party. It’s a decent one at someone’s house. Supposed to have a bonfire but it rained. But anyway, his house is pretty awesome with a pool table in the garage, foosball table, xbox, ps3, wii, whatever you name. There’s even a casino table set complete with all the chips and stuff. Very cool. I made quite a number of friends, somehow there were quite a big proportion of Asian Americans here, and everyone’s like 19/20 years old. I feel old sometimes. And for me, there are always two typical interesting conversation start-off points: 1. You can drink in Singapore on the streets when you are 18 (as compared to here, you can only drink when you are 21 and you can’t drink on the streets publicly). 2. Of course, the classic ‘advertisement’ that you can’t chew gum in Singapore that’s why our streets are really clean. Haha.

It’s week 5, halfway through the quarter. It’s the midterm period, it’s crazy. It’s February, I’m in America for 1.5 months already. Time flies! Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day is coming soon. And believe it or not, I have not webcam-ed with anyone yet. Guess sometimes it’s good to have no strings attached, rather than waking up at 6am when it’s 10pm in Singapore. Food here is making me fat, and while the buffets are good, the menu is starting to repeat. My friends are craving Singapore food, perhaps I’m too easily satisfied. I miss church, playing L4D (lol), and my guitar.