Birthday in California

And so here it comes and goes. I didn’t really plan for any celebration. But my NUS friends here are awesome. Just before midnight, nik and zoe claimed that they want to cook maggi mee. I was about to sleep early that night but I decided to stay up longer to finish my work. Just after midnight, they called me and said they are at my door. Before I opened, I smelled something amiss. Then I was pleasantly surprised: they were at my door, with two slices of cake, lighted up with candles. I’ve never been surprised in such a manner before on my birthday I think! They also brought some GAP clothes for me! =)

Before that, I webcamed with my CG mates back in Singapore, who are having devo. It was pretty cool to have long-distance devo, and penny joined us through vsee too. After I closed with prayer, they sang happy birthday to me over the webcam. so sweet.

It was lessons as usual, and after a wonderful project meeting with the lecturer, I took a bus down to the beach for a jog. It was a really sunny and cloudless day, and the sky and sea were blue. It was a joy to listen to Passion Awakening, jogging along the cliffs beside the beach, looking at the birds, pelicans, dogs playing in the sand, other people jogging, sitting on the benches, and many people surfing in the sea. It was beautiful.

Intervarsity at Kairos was testimony night, and I got reminded of letting go, and letting God.

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