Lunch with Pastor Ed

Last week, I had lunch with Pastor Ed from Christian Life Center. I visited the church service on Sunday, it was a pretty small congregation and everyone was quite friendly. The pastor said hi to me and asked me to contact him as he’d love to have lunch with me to know more about Singapore. And thus, later that day, I sent him and email and arranged for lunch with him. He was very kind to pick me up at my college, and we ate at Woodstock Pizza.

It was a pretty casual conversation, and we talked about various things, from family, to church life, and to school. It was nice to talk to a local pastor and share my experiences that I have in Singapore, and also a bit about the Singapore church scene. I also showed him the Destined To Reign book, as well as shared with him the various churches that I’ve visited in the Santa Cruz area. He also shared with me the demographics of his church.

I also found out that he is going Catalyst Conference as well. Awesome! Elisha, Dixon and I are volunteering as ushers for the conference in April, and we are hoping to meet Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin! Looking forward to that.

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