2010: a year of restful increase!

As the year has drawn to a close, I shall do my usual reflection and thanksgiving for all the wonderful things God has done in the past year. It has been really really the best year of my life yet, though I expect more to come in 2011.

As I type this under the night sky on the top of Gunung Datuk, a cool 20 degree breeze flows past with a fog. Reminds me of Santa Cruz weather. Too bad there are no stars visible in the sky.

Thank you Daddy God for the following:

  • Last year at this Christmas season, I was enjoying the holiday of my life with Joshua and Vanessa in New York and Canada. I was probably in Niagara Falls or thereabouts. Thank you Daddy God for allowing me to see the world, to see New York City and San Francisco, two cities on two different coasts of another world. It really opened my eyes to see America, see how different people live, homeless people especially. Thank God for all the favours shown in the road trips and the arrangement for the beginning of my exchange programme in USA, from a bigger car, avoiding accidents, to getting the modules in UCSC. It was a truly rewarding experience.
  • Thank God for Nikki, Zoe, Whye Kiat, Kep Kee, Stephanie, Canny, Billy, Nidhi, Donna and Jikang, the main people, mostly from NUS, who hang out with me or helped mr frequently during the exchange programme. It was good to have familiar people around who are familiar with one’s own culture and language needs in a foreign country. They made me feel at home when I miss Singapore sometimes.
  • In the exchange, I met very wonderful people from the Intervarsity group at Kresge-Porter (K-PO) College, especially people like Jason the leader, Coral, Hannah, Brian, Cameron, Michelle, Duanne, Michael, Naomi, Randy and many others! It was a blast to eat at the dining hall with them and fellowship with them during Kairos and bible study. They allowed me to experience living with American friends in college, in a Christ-like environment. I miss the nights which we would watch LOST together!
  • Thank you Daddy God for the many right places and right time, certainly my wish was fulfilled in knowing you more in exchange. Also especially allowing me to meet Penny and her NOC Christian friends, Elisha, Zhiyao and Dixon. They were my weekend buddies when I wasn’t out with the earlier mentioned people. Thank all of you for the church services we attended and the various trips we had, such as to Point Reyes and Bay to Breakers. Zhiyao, thank you for all the wonderful photography insights you sharedq. Dixon and Elisha, thank God for the wonderful excursion to Catalyst West Coast, which is another story altogether. Elisha, thank you for sharing your heart and allowing us to find out how many mutual interests we have. It was really blessed to know you and I look forward to more collaborations in future!
  • Thank You Daddy for opening the world of American Christianity, to be exposed to the various good and odd churches around. I enjoyed every single church which I visited and toured to, and especially those which I had contact with the pastors, such as Christian Life Center, Vintage Faith, Santa Cruz Bible etc. Thank God for allowing me to go to so many events and participate in some of them, as ushers in Catalyst West Coast, and the best of all, as video crew at Spirit West Coast. Thank God for the wonderful people I met there, especially Tom and Tracey, who taught me about live camera shoot, mixing and painting. It was really a ball of a time to be involved in such a big scale event. Thank God for allowing me to go on a “world tour” to all the concerts, such as David Crowder, Phil Wickham, Leeland, Skillet, Firelight, Kutless and many more. Amazing.
  • Thank God for my CAP5 care group in New Creation Church, for constantly keeping in touch through webcam whenever you all have devo in school. Thank you Selene for the various discussions we have over email, and teaching me how to find my peace in God. Thank you Helen, Teck Beng and Belinda for the countless 4th services we attended and all the fun we have eating and phototaking. Thank you Ome and Alicia for sharing the same modules with me in school and giving encouragement to one another. Thank you Kit Fan and Jonah for always being there and also in our other groups of friends in SoC. Thank you Amelia, Daniel and Nicholas for joining us!
  • Thank you EstherJosiahYvonneJoshen for integrating me and teaching me the ins and outs of the Zone Video ministry! Thank you Zixiang for allowing me to serve with you in the Spark Films!
  • Thank God for my best friends from GTC: Jeremiah, Louis, Weiyi and Chris. You guys are great company and support, and will always continue to be my innermost support group (like Jesus’ 3 disciples out of the 12), as you all have been with me through thick and thin for 8 years! Time flies.
  • Thank God for allowing me to integrate back into Singapore and joining events such as SoC camp and rag dance. Rag dance is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, thank you to all who were in the team! Though I probably may not join again. Haha.
  • Thank God for restful increase in my results. Even though there were many project-based modules, I still pulled through by the grace of God. Thank God for constantly multiplying my time and never failing to show me favour with my lecturers.
  • Thank God for my earthly father who also gives me all things which I ask, and supporting me in everything I do. Thank God for my brother Jason who always share tips and insights about films and also advising me in various matters at home.

I am still praying for my life partner and the salvation of my family.

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  1. I arrived here searching for those who received the revelation of restful increase.:) I learned this last year and I am amazed that this article was written in 2010.:)

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