Awkward Moments

[This is a fairly morbid post for this time]

Yesterday, I attended the funeral of a cousin. Even though I was not very close with her, it is definitely still saddening. Worse, all the memories kept flooding back, just as if it only happened yesterday. The wake, the possession, the mandai, the people, the horrible scenes, the tear-wrenching place. I could even remember what an elderly relative said 3 years ago as she strolled past one last time, and then comparing with what she said now. The irony is that the people who passed on are much younger than she.

The only consoling thing was the people and pastors of Faith AG did a pretty good job. However, I feel sad for the family and the two brothers. I was in their shoes and I know exactly how it is like. The only thing is I am not very close to them, and hence I could not offer much words of comfort. I can only be there as an extended family member. It is so awkward when one catches up with the extended family only at such occasions.

It is also very awkward when two sisters of the extended family asked me some usual questions like where am I studying now etc. That’s fine, the only thing is I forgot who they are. Well, I only meet them once a year during Chinese New Year, or even less, depends.

One day I should make a film about awkward moments such as these.

I hate the devil. Why do such awkward moments arise out of pain, suffering and tears? I hate when the scenes reoccur in my mind. I can’t control myself but cry. And I hate the last part when the casket goes into the furnace. Capture that on film, it is an epic sad moment.

Life is transient. The body is temporal. Relationships are to be treasured. Heaven is eternal.

Thank you Jesus for conquering the grave.