Rag to Riches Sneak Preview

Last Tuesday, I organised a sneak preview screening for Rag to Riches, a documentary on NUS Rag and Flag. We invited people that we know on Facebook 1.5 weeks in advance, and 80 people responded to come. In the end, about 50 people came, which is pretty good! Mr. Donald Wyatt kindly graced the occasion too, and I hope the documentary did justice to his legacy. I knew about half the people who came, while the rest are from various faculties, and two groups from Sheares and Eusoff Hall.

I decided not to have a Q&A session, although I commented that we have no agenda, and asked people to send us feedback by SMS or facebook. Not many people sent the SMS, so I’ve to message them on facebook.

After the screening, feedback from Mr. Donald, someone from Sheares and various people that the documentary is pretty good, but is also pretty balanced and neutral, with the good and the bad. To the raggers, it presents information which most people know but do not say openly. To the non-raggers and some raggers, it is an eye-opener, and very informative, and questions the purpose of the event, and make them think about it. Pretty good feedback, and we’ll see how it goes from here.

It feels good to finally finish the documentary and screen it to an audience. I wish to edit it further based on the feedback.

My 24th Birthday

Time flies, and it’s my birthday again. I just realised that this is my first official birthday with the cg, since last year I was in California during my birthday.

The day started off as usual going to school, with my dad shaking my hand before I left the house, and my brother buying me a present last night. Just that this time  I went to NP Library for a fieldtrip for NM3221. While reading the facebook posts on my WP7, I was thinking how facebook has made it easier for people to remember (or forget) one another’s birthdays. In fact, it has become so easy that saying “happy birthday” is now reduced to just a one-liner. Compare this to 5 or 10 years ago, when the people wishing you would have to call you. Which is better?  I don’t know, but I wish people say more than just a one-liner for Happy Birthday. Hence, sometimes I hesitate to wish Happy Birthday to people whom I don’t really know well on facebook. What’s the point of 100 people wishing you Happy Birthday when only 10 of them actually, really, care about you?

As one grows older, birthdays don’t seem that important anymore. After all, if I don’t take the effort to remember my friends’ birthdays, I won’t really expect everyone to remember my birthday. Although I like the idea of surprising other people. Of course, it is nice to know there are some important people in your life who care about you and make you feel like the most important person of the day. During devo, Jonah remembered and wished me. After that, I went to meet Gab for a while before deciding to go home. I wanted to edit some videos at home before going out.

In the evening, I went out to meet yt and vic, yt gave me some home-made choc chip cookies, which were amazing, and a lens cap replacement, which I lost the original while geocaching in Ubin. Then I went to have dinner with Jere and Louis. I could not decide who to meet the day before, and no one asked me out, so I should ask people out right. Turns out that Bel and Helen wanted to meet me too! And so, I had dinner at Botak Jones with Louis and Jere after their work, after going around various places like EwF, Wild Honey, and all having long queues. After that, I travelled to Bedok Point to meet Bel and Helen. We were eating dessert at Sun Kee, then they suddenly disappeared for the toilet for very long, then they surprised me with a slice of cake and some giant biscuits from NYDC next door. I was half suspecting when they took so long. Haha. I’m very honoured and blessed to have such great beautiful friends who would spend time with me =D

Throughout the day, there were some nice SMSes from nice people, like Sel and Chris who texted me from overseas, and also Shang who wrote me a card! Amazing.

The next day, after Arrow, the video team celebrated with me outside the AV Room with a small slice of cake. During diner at the food court, my cg gave me 2 surprises. Firstly, they gave me a box of macarons from Bakerzin, and I thought that was the only thing. They wanted to “try something different”. After dinner, they distracted me from looking around, and surprised me with the real thing – a strawberry cheesecake. I feel blessed to have so many surprises and birthday songs!

On Sunday, went to Aunt’s house and we had another cake again.