Rag to Riches Sneak Preview

Last Tuesday, I organised a sneak preview screening for Rag to Riches, a documentary on NUS Rag and Flag. We invited people that we know on Facebook 1.5 weeks in advance, and 80 people responded to come. In the end, about 50 people came, which is pretty good! Mr. Donald Wyatt kindly graced the occasion too, and I hope the documentary did justice to his legacy. I knew about half the people who came, while the rest are from various faculties, and two groups from Sheares and Eusoff Hall.

I decided not to have a Q&A session, although I commented that we have no agenda, and asked people to send us feedback by SMS or facebook. Not many people sent the SMS, so I’ve to message them on facebook.

After the screening, feedback from Mr. Donald, someone from Sheares and various people that the documentary is pretty good, but is also pretty balanced and neutral, with the good and the bad. To the raggers, it presents information which most people know but do not say openly. To the non-raggers and some raggers, it is an eye-opener, and very informative, and questions the purpose of the event, and make them think about it. Pretty good feedback, and we’ll see how it goes from here.

It feels good to finally finish the documentary and screen it to an audience. I wish to edit it further based on the feedback.

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