You gave your best, When I did nothing at all

It’s amazing how You can speak right to my heart
With our Daddy’s Word, we can light up the dark
Triumphs are made, I could never explain
The width of Your love and the depth of Your grace

The smile on Your face lets me know that You love me
There’s a truth in Your eyes saying You’d never leave me
The touch of Your hand says You’ll catch me if ever I fall
You gave Your best when I did nothing at all

All alone we could never speak for ourselves
That’s why You came & took our sins upon Yourself
You died on the Cross and You rose from the grave
You’ve set us on high, by Your grace at Your side

The smile on Your face lets me know that You love me
There’s a truth in Your eyes saying You’d never leave me
The touch of Your hand says You’ll catch me if ever I fall
You gave Your best when I did nothing at all

Dare Adventure Camp

Last week was an awesome week. Before the Dare camp, I was helping to edit Like Fish trailer.

The first day of camp was Amazing Race style around Singapore. I was hopping around different groups. I think the kids are very cute and impressionable, even though I only meet them for a while, they remember my name and will always say hi to me for the rest of the camp!

It rained alot in this camp, on the first day afternoon it rained and we had to cancel the afternoon games. The next day, it rained again while they were playing waterbomb, or rather, before they got wet haha. But the activity still continued and everyone had fun being drenched, while the photographers and I have to run for shelter. And then it stopped raining, and the committee thought we can proceed with the next activity in the sea/beach, but it was cat 1. So we started to walk back. Then it stopped, then we walked back to the beach. Then it started to shower. Then we walk back to campsite =(

The nightwalk was pretty good until there was a cat 1 and half of the groups didn’t walk through the confidence walk, in which they had to walk through a muddy path in the forest in pure darkness. pretty fun!

I think Ps Daniel is very nice and talented (since he can preach+sing+compose+dance+many more), and has a heart for the kids. He would encourage them, level by level, during the waterbomb game, so that they will not be demoralised. At the start of the confidence walk, he would encourage each and every single DG and tell them good things, and say that they can do great exploits (Daniel 11:32), and he’d meet everyone on the the side. He’s so edifying. And he wanted to have praise and worship under the stars on the beach, but because of cat1, it was cancelled and we had to have it in the carpark instead. But it was still good.

I proposed to Coach to edit a highlights video on the last day, since there’s no activities in the morning. And so, I managed to edit a 5-minute music video-style montage in 3-4 hours. It was fun! And everyone enjoyed watching it, as they cheered for their friends who featured in the video and laughed at the humorous moments.

I feel very blessed to be able to serve in this camp. Even though I was a videographer, I was still able to impact the kids in a small way. One of them actually came to me and ranted about the camp before a meal. Some of them hugged and say bye to me at the end of the camp after the praise and worship. And they said hi to me again at the extended praise and worship on Saturday.

Ps Daniel sang a few wonderful songs at the end of the praise and worship: When I did nothing at all, Friends are friends forever, and My Heart overflows. It was so nice that he came up to sing again at both extended praise and worship services. It felt like camp all over again!

Showers of blessings = unmerited favour =)

Crowned Goodness for FYP

There has been lots of undeserved grace for FYP. Before my presentation, I was preparing by researching on the presentation style of Steve Jobs, reading some articles, watching YouTube and getting inspired. Beside that, I was a little worried that my work done in my project was not substantial and convincing enough, even though it is only a one semester work.

And so I prepared my presentation in a slightly different way. The report helped to formulate most of the points for the presentation. I wrote out a rough script then created my slides for it, instead of creating the slides first. And this is the first time I practiced so many times (despite having another SS test on Monday), so much that after 5 times or so, you don’t need to refer to the notes anymore.

However on the day itself, I was still nervous. Who wouldn’t be? But if God is for us, [which evaluator] can be against me? I remember singing that just the Sunday before. I asked God for crowned goodness, took holy communion, and anointed myself with oil. My friend who presented before me was attacked quite badly by the evaluators, and me and the others who were presenting next were quite stunned. We were like looking at one another whenever the first person was questioned. And then my turn came.

My evaluators were Dr. Zhao and Dr. Steven Halim. Although they stopped me intermittently throughout the presentation, they were mostly satisfied. Dr. Zhao’s questions were answered in my presentation, and he was happy with my arguments and thought it was a good presentation, although he was not fully convinced by some of my ideas. As for Dr. Halim, he was asking more standard questions, like why didn’t I include this and that in the report, and also about my technical accomplishment, of which I demo-ed the Etherpad. He said that my case would be stronger if I have a working prototype of my interface proposal, but since it is only 1 semester’s work, it is good.

After the presentation, not 1, not 2, but 3 industry people actually mentioned that I presented well! Praise God! When I came out of the classroom, a few industry people sitting at the bench talked to me for a while. Later, the founder emailed me to invite me to present at their company next Monday. I also heard from my professor that they are trying to get IDA funding to develop my product. Wow! The second industry person is from a startup company, and asked me if I am interested to work for them as their UI/UX designer, because they saw that I have a good eye for design and user interface. So unexpected. And the last person, a lady, just passed by and said she thought it was good, my arguments were sound, and asked me if I am looking for a job, which I said I was not.

And one more thing, my professor requested me to convert my report into a conference paper to submit to HCI India too.

Thank God for all his providence and paths that are dripping with abundance. Finally, it is all over.


Update: One week day, I went to a small company, which develops a similar e-learning product, to present my project to the developers there, with an intent to collaborate with me/us. This was the feedback from the founder:

With your strength in UI and interface design , I believe that the route that you are currently heading will entrench great potential for your future. Another talent that i have identify in you is your communication skills. It is definitely crucial to continuously hone these skills that you have. I believe you will be a powerful tech player / entrepreneur in no time.

Unmerited favour! But due to my limited time left here in Singapore,they were not able to engage me this time. Maybe next time!